Poseidon, Look At Me

Is it the size of the boat? Is it the motion in the ocean? We’re tempted to say it’s a mixture of both…especially after watching this couple’s ocean motion, which takes place on a seemingly big, luxurious boat.

After all—if the boat weren’t big enough, how would they even be able to fuck on it in the first place?

· Euro wife fucked on a ship (redtube.com, thanks firstexposure!)

  • shephard1

    Oh look it’s Severina Vukovic again

  • Anonymous

    True and true on it being an old video but she sure looks way more fun to fuck than any of our “pop stars”

  • possum.crazy

    This is the Severina Vučković sex tape (Croatian pop star) from a few years ago. I’ve never heard her music, but this is one of my favorites.

  • Camille Crimson

    As always, you titles never cease to amuse, Lux.

  • Pookiewood

    This is a pretty old video. She’s like a pop singe or something.

  • Copperpot

    Whatever the story … good-for-fucking-them. That was some hot sex and I’m insanely jealous.

  • leg_man

    Hmmm. Seven comments without a single, “They’re on a boat! They’re on a motherfucking boat!”

  • Refused_is_fucking

    I will add: they drink champagne when they make love.

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  • Anonymous

    man… reminds me of me and my wi…

    aiight I’m lying.