Adventures In Public Sex: Singapore's Car Park Couple

Adventures In Public Sex: Singapore's Car Park CoupleStraight out of Singapore: public displays of affection are on the rise, with a new flagrant act of public make outs drawing the attention of the media. As AsiaOne News reports it:

"At that time we couldn't care less because we thought they would be smart enough to look around and notice that there might be people watching them but no, it turned out to be a very passionate kiss and we were really shocked when the girl removed her top and then even her bra," Nur' Ilham told STOMP.

Nur' Ilham was horrified at the audacity of the girl, and she went to fetch her camera and started taking photos of the couple, who seemed to be really engrossed in each other.

The girl even laid down on the dirty floor and allowed the guy to touch her all over.

Sounds like this calls for further investigation. Perhaps we should fly out to Singapore and investigate things for ourselves?

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