Pornaloid: In Praise Of The Naughty Polaroid

Pornaloid: In Praise Of The Naughty PolaroidOnce upon a time, in the days before digital cameras, home smut aficionados turned to the Polaroid camera to indulge their dirty desires without risk of being exposed by nosey film developers.

Of course, in the twenty-first century, digital cameras (and webcams, and phone cams, and Barbie cams) abound, and the Polaroid is (mostly) a distant memory. Yet somehow, the sight of that big white border still causes a tingling in our loins...particularly when the image within is of the sexy sort. Tumblr Pornaloid understands that: and though we don't know if the naughty polaroids it features are the genuine article, or photoshopped fauxlaroids, they're enough of a nostalgic thrill to get us through the rest of the day.

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