Leven Rambin Slips A Nip On ABC's "Scoundrels"

Well, here's something you don't see every day—or ever, really—a nip slip on broadcast TV! And not one of those "Oops, it was live and we couldn't censor it" ones, either: this is from edited TV.

What's going on over at ABC's production studios? Are the editors asleep at the wheel? Have standards become more lax (and thus more sexy)? Was it a simple oversight—or do the powers that be at ABC desperately want to give us a peek at Leven Rambin's areola? Because, if we're being honest here, this has definitely got us more interested in watching ABC. In fact, a little edgy action like this might just have saved "FlashForward" from cancellation...

UPDATE: For those who blinked and missed it, here's a taste of the action. It's subtle, but it's there:

Leven Rambin Slips A Nip On ABC's "Scoundrels"

· "Scoundrels" (abc.go.com)
· Clip via Upcoming Nude Scenes (upcomingnudescenes.net)

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