True Sex Stories: Kryptonite

April 14, 2010 | Posted in Editorial Features by gracie

True Sex Stories: KryptoniteWhat's Gracie's weakness? She's all too happy to tell.

i am going to let you in on a little secret since most men and some women do not get subtlety: i love a mouth on my neck and preferably by the jugular.

we laid in bed on our sides, i was nestled under his chin. he seemed to be aimlessly gliding his finger tips around my spine and some how manged to move up in the neck/ear area. i started shuddering as his fingers grazed my ear lobe and neck. pleased, he started to focus on the area more and more. this led to me squirming and twisting. the touches shot straight between my legs like electricity.

he shifted upward and i thought he was going to mount me right between the legs but he stopped. his mouth went to my neck and i clung for life; my eyes rolled, fluttered and crossed. i was paralyzed as my nails dug into his back and i couldn't even remember breathing. it was such a blissful state and so long since a pair of lips ravaging my neck.

i am not sure what happened to be honest. i was in a dream state as he fucked me from behind. taking all of him deep inside of me as i relished the sensations.

"cum inside of me," i whispered into the bed.

"cum inside of me," i chanted.


he grunted as he spilled inside of me. i milked his cock with my cunt, coming, trying to keep every bit of him inside me. it's like a game seeing how long i can keep him inside of me as i would push up against him and pull his cock, feeling him jerk as i squeezed.

he stumbled back to his side of the bed, my head found its way to his chest.

"i found a magic spot," he grinned.

"uh huh," i said with a smile.

Republished with permission from Dark Gracie. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact Lux Alptraum. Photo by John B. Root.

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