Stoya And Kayden Kross To Do It!

Stoya And Kayden Kross To Do It!We may never know the details of what happened between Digital Playground and Stoya last summer (and frankly, we don’t really want to know). But all that’s in the past now—Stoya’s shooting with DP again!

And, more specifically, she’s shooting a scene with new DP star Kayden Kross. It’s like a dirty, porntastic dream come true…

UPDATE: Apparently we misinterpreted that tweet—we’ve just been told that Stoya is not shooting a scene with Kayden, just stills. Though she is still shooting something with DP…so that’s good enough for us.

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  • hodayathink is walking in the glow of love

    Don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I’m obviously glad to see Stoya back. On the other, if you were to make a list of popular porn girls I don’t really like, Kayden’s near the top of it. So I guess I’m excited, but not as excited as I could be.

  • syt15

    I don’t know much about Kayden, but in my book Stoya in anything is always appreciated

  • leg_man

    Oh. My. God.

  • brianfla38

    Can this beauty get any hotter? Call me crazy but she let her armpits grow out the contrast of her under arm hair and that creamy white skin of hers, fuck! Or am i just perving out way to much. Bar bell nipples, oh god someone help me.

  • Anonymous

    The porngods have giving her back to us!

  • FrancesTheMute

    I’m pretty sure if I was in the same room as Stoya and another hot chick getting it on, I would explode.

  • Anonymous