Real Talk. No Lies. People Telling Dirty Stories: True Story Sex

January 21, 2010 | Posted in straight by ottimo-massimo

"Sex From Last Night" didn't have quite the ring to it, but the name isn't important. It's a new socialized form of online erotic literature for you to rate and masturbate (to).

True Story Sex is essentially like FML or MLIA or any of those user-generated and rated anecdotal sites, except for two things. For one, the stories can be as long as a few brief sentences, or as epic as Beowulf (if Beowulf were about having sex at WalMart).

If you like your sex stories to have a Danielle Steele edge to them, this might not be your place. But if you want some honest, gritty fuck tales divided by category and user ratings, you can do no better. True story.

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