Sex Blog Roundup: Big Packages

December 22, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by alwaysarousedgirl

'Tis the week for eyeballing the packages under the tree. We're eying some other packages. You should too, just below the cut.

With packages as big, as meaty, as succulent and as tasty as the ones featured in today's round-up of the sexiest stories on the 'net, who wouldn't want to take a long, lusty look? Never fear, there's more than just looking going on. There's touching, feeling and tasting as well. Let your mouth water as you read these lusty tales, then go in search of your own presents to unwrap.


The S Spot's Sexy Short Story Contest Winners! – Third Runner Up!

She is face to face with his straining zipper and her mouth has already begun to water. Her hands are bound though; she waits to see what he'll do next. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, he unzips his fly, reaches into his pants and extracts his hard, throbbing cock. "Suck it" he says. She reaches her head forward, sticks out her tongue and flicks her it over the tip of his cock, as if to test him. She wants to know how far he's pushing his dominance. "That's not sucking "he says as he reaches behind her head, grabbing her by the hair, sending a new rush of pleasure through her body. "I said, suck it" and with that he shoved her head forward to his cock.

the s spot


Date night

So I did, running it up and down the underside of his shaft, swirling it over the head, worrying it under his frenulum. He gripped the headboard as he started to pump his hips against my face. My eyes watered and saliva streamed from my lips as he fucked my mouth faster and harder. I tried to focus on relaxing my throat, but it was no good: I gagged with nearly every deep thrust. "Mmmm, fuck," he groaned, getting close.

Really and Truly



I stared down at Trilby's prone form. She was only wearing a pair of lacy boycut panties and knee high socks. She was breathing heavy and waiting for commands.

"Tell her that if she is hit on her ass with any implement it would feel like she was being penetrated by a penis. Also if she is spanked long enough the arousal with build and build and she will have a powerful orgasm."

Writing Dirty



Without looking at one another, the two men advance as one.

They stand a foot away from her, eagerly awaiting her inspection, their cocks jutting out proudly, arrogantly, from beneath their bellies. Both are desperate to be the first to garner her attention. The husband glances down and to his right, and he sees that the other man is no better or worse endowed than he is himself; if anything, the husband's cock is a little straighter, his glans more swollen than his rival's.

Easily Aroused



I traced right down the length of her spine, tasting her saltiness as I went, right down until that taste changed subtly, then up again to end behind her ear so that she was no longer able to contain herself and let out a long, low moan.

Northern lights and sleepless nights


One more day I haven't been struck down by God..

Taste yourself.

He doesn't have to ask twice.. it's one of the few real conceits I have, the belief that I taste amazing when I really get going. I've never been averse to licking my fingers- or someone else's fingers, or a cock- clean of my juices. Quite the opposite, actually.

The binding of the muse


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