Girl Sells Virginity, Secures Fame And Fortune

October 29, 2009 | Posted in straight by lux-alptraum

Girl Sells Virginity, Secures Fame And FortuneHey, remember Natalie Dylan? No? Yeah...we kinda forgot all about her too. Quick refresher: a year ago, Ms. Dylan put her virginity up for auction (to pay off student loans, natch). And now it seems she's found a winner.

Yes, Natalie's deflowering has been sold to an American man for one million dollars. Yes, it seems like a lot to us, too, but hey: props to Natalie for scoring so much cash. Also in the works? A book deal and a biopic. Man, if we'd known auctioning off our ladyflower could be that much of a get rich quick scheme, we never would have pursued this whole writing scam.

· Girl Selling Virginity To End Auction In The Next Few Days (

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