Sex Blog Roundup: Bad Girls

October 9, 2009 | Posted in straight by madelineglass

Inside every good girl, there's a naughty one clawing her way out.

At least, Madeline likes to think so.

Don't get us wrong; we like nice girls. Really, we do. Nice girls charm your parents. Nice girls leave notes in your briefcase. Nice girls cook you dinner. But bad girls—well, let's just say that every now and then, having your dick down a bad girl's throat is just the thing. Even if it's only in your dreams.


...Or Else

He lays a pliable leather belt across my neck, pulling one end around the leg of the nightstand before fastening the buckle tightly. Adrenaline and fear course through my veins, rendering me momentarily speechless.

La Damnation de Luna Mauvaise


Musings Noir

I first had her on a cool November night, under cover of darkness and hidden from prying eyes and nosy neighbors. She took me to her home, a rarity for a Concierge Dom. It made the intimacy of our lascivious trysting, our rapports sexuels rugueux, all the more intimate. Special.

Conning Devil


bad vife

He talks a few moments in that thick german accent of his. Something about an upcoming job for him and West. Then he wraps it up with "call me back, oh and tell your vife to be good." There's a hint of laughter in his voice.
Really? You want me to be good? I don't think so. Didn't you mean "tell your vife to be bad, very very bad"? I'm sure that's what you meant.
After all good vifes don't dance for their husbands co-workers do they? Like I did for you that night.

Archetype of The Temptress


Punishment in Black and Blue

The lashings continued, but not for too long. He was eager to fuck His whore for the first time. But those lashings, few as there had been, had left their mark. Red welts littered my ass and hips, and one particularly hard strike had formed a purple, black, and blue bruise across my ass. The next day, I was placed into the spreader, completely immobilized and exposed, my marked ass available to be used however He wished. The marks that were already present did nothing to deter Him from inflicting more strikes and blows, but there was a difference in these. These were not punishment. There were for His enjoyment, as well as mine.

Oh, My God, That Britni's Shameless


Six Days...

"I can't wait to wrap my lips around your cock. I can't wait until I hear that sweat moan of pleasure from you in person rather than over the phone. I can't wait for my husband to start fucking me while I have your cock in my mouth, looking up at you...

Confessions of an Adulterer


The Pleasures of Confusion

"Oh fuck yes!" she gasps as you press a fraction more firmly against her, as you begin gently sliding your cunt across hers. Your clitoris – hard, swollen, once more greedy to be satisfied – sends out a burst of radiant pleasure that floods your loins, and you can't stop yourself adding your own gasp to hers. You're fucking her clitoris with yours. You can't see it, but you can feel enough to know that it's the truth; you're fucking her clitoris with yours. The sensual thought, the images that accompany it, brings back that feeling of being able to swoon with the delectability of the moment.

Easily Aroused


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