Behind The Curtain: The "Secret Lives" Of "Women Of Erotica"

September 16, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

Last night, WE (the TV channel, not us) took a trip to Porn Valley, taking an indepth look at the lives of four women who work in the adult industry: Skye Blue, Shy Love, Gianna Lynn, and Kenzie Marie.

As with their previous pornstar featurette, "Women of Erotica" did a good job of depicting its subjects as ordinary women doing out-of-the-ordinary work; aside from a brief discussion of Skye Blue's history of abusive relationships and drug use, there was none of the stereotypical "damaged pornstar" rhetoric. The four women were depicted as healthy, happy—and perfectly capable of carrying on a (relatively) normal relationship.

Though each of the four stories followed the same general arc, each woman was given her own particular slant/focus. We've pulled one clip from each story to give you a taste of what you may have missed (and whet your appetite for the many, many reruns.)

Skye Blue: The lone director in the mix, Skye's story focused on her directing style—and how her hands-on focus makes for a different experience for both performers and consumers. At left, Skye on set.

Shy Love: Performer/agent Shy Love splits her time between set and the office; her segment devoted equal time to her on and off camera work (with a little bit of a detour for a trip home to meet her boyfriend). At left, Shy interviewing a prospective client.

Gianna Lynn: This segment was easily the most personal. Beyond the hook of "Gianna Lynn, pornstar/college student," Gianna's story was mostly a look at how her work effects her personal life: family, friends, and—of course—boyfriend. At left, Gianna on deciding to be a girl-girl only performer.

Kenzie Marie: Last but certainly not least, we have Kenzie Marie, the rising star. Kenzie's story focuses on her decision to sign a contract with (a contract which seems to have fallen through in the mean time). Wild and crazy Kenzie learns the ins and outs of the industry, gets her lips collagened, and, of course, learns the art of pole dancing (left).

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