Sex Blog Roundup: Wood

September 11, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Remember when all a girl had to do was look at you sideways? Madeline does.

This week's Sex Blog Roundup takes a look at the Glory Days of fucking: when the mere word "cameltoe" was enough to incite a serious stiffy. When girls who knew what they wanted were rare jewels. Jewels with deepthroating skills. Jewels who liked a thick one in the ass once in awhile.


Sore Throats

My one friend has a glorious cock. We're talking beautiful here. It's long. It's thick. And he knows how to use it. Yum. I'm actually the only girl to ever deepthroat him all the way, and it was definitely an experience.

Between My Sheets


Anal All Around

After taking my time sliding in, I scratched my nails down his back and started a slow rhythm, in and out. I loved hearing the noises he made and my nails made marks that lasted a while. He eventually begged for it to be harder, and harder he got.

A Sexual Adventure


Tank Girl
Diva loved to have my cock, deep and thrusting as she perspired under me, inside her ass. How she would hiss and growl as she felt herself get taken, how she would gasp and loudly whisper "Hot! So hot! So... hot!" as my fiercely pumping thrusts burst my cum deep into her body.
Urban Roguery



I imagined her naked and on all fours on the plush of her bed, taking her husband fully in mouth while my boyfriend caressed her voluptuous arse from behind, his bare cock nuzzling against her swollen cunt. I wanted to watch both of them use her for pleasure, fucking her simultaneously, one slowly dipping in and out of her waiting mouth while the other pumped her cunt full of hard cock.

Naughty Secretary



His erection felt sublime through the rough fabric.

It wasn't long before the fabric was no longer in the way.

I rubbed my ass back against his soft-skinned cock.

He slid it in between my cheeks.

Blacksilk's Boudoir


Hot Summer Nights

When we slid into our seats, he paused before starting the car. He looked at me. Slowly I crossed my long legs, showing miles of meaty thigh. I waited. I'm sick of being the one to make the first move every time, but hells yeah I'll encourage all I can.

His eager eyes closed and an instant later I felt his breath on my neck, his hands in my hair. We kissed with aching hunger.

My right leg drew up toward him, insisting on straddling his lap. His small car didn't allow any maneuvering, which he cursed frequently. Instead his hand went to my knee and slowly slid up my exposed thigh. My own hand went to his chest to explore the hard pec underneath his short-sleeved work shirt.

The Over-Educated Nympho


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