“Puckered Up”: The Anal Game Show Craze That’s Sweeping The Nation

Move over, “The Price is Right”—Fleshbot’s got a brand new favorite game show, and her name is “Puckered Up.” Sure, there’s no Bob Barker…but there are lots of hot ladies shoving things up their bums.

And though we’re probably pressing our luck here, we’ve go our fingers crossed that the film’s full of big money, no whammies, and sweet, sweet Sasha Grey. (At least we know we got our wish on the last one.)

· It’s Time For America’s Newest and Sexiest Gameshow, Puckered Up! (hustlerworld.com)

  • Brian47

    I want to be in the live audience – if only this event granted an audience! :)

  • MalzyWheels

    Wouldn’t a whammy, in this case, be a good thing? No?