The Choice Is Yours: Choose Your Own Adventure Erotic Fiction

You are browsing Fleshbot, your favorite website. Suddenly, you come across an article about sexual Choose Your Own Adventure stories. You are compelled to read the article.

Ever read romance novels and think, "This author has failed me! The hero has way less sex than I require in my literature"? Well now YOU are the hero, and YOU are the author, and you can tell Danielle Steel to get a new job. The Choose Your Own Adventure wiki (hosted by is home to dozens—if not hundreds—of stories in which you drive the plot by selecting from the available options or writing ones of your own.

The site features everything from Dungeons & Dragons-style adventures to murder-mysteries, but the most popular stories are of the adult variety. Smutty Sex Romp is the largest story, with over 8500 pages of graphic sexual acts to satisfy whatever sexual preference the protagonist (that's you!) may have.

Maybe you feel like trolling at the supermarket...

"You walk up behind the young lady looking over the cherries. She has small, pert titties under her tight red sweater and a short red skirt that lets the lacy tops of her white stockings show. She also has on little white ankle socks. She turns to peer over her shoulder at you.
'Hi there,' she says cheerfully. 'I am so lost when it comes to picking fruit. Do you think you could help me get a banana?'"

Do you:

Help her find a banana.
Unzip your fly and say "I got your banana right here"
Grab a ripe banana and shove it up her ass.

The choice is yours.

Overall, many of the stories are undeveloped, and the options often lead to dead ends (or death, in many cases). This is why you, the clever Fleshbot reader, should express both your sexual fantasies and your literary prowess by contributing to the stories on this site.

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