How Much Can Amber Rayne Fit In Her Ass?

Back in January, AVN awarded Amber Rayne the title of Unsung Starlet. We’d like to move that she be similarly recognized as having one of porn’s most unsung asses.

Sure, you appreciate Amber Rayne’s ass—but do you really appreciate it? Are you aware of how much it can stretch to accommodate? Are you aware of just how much she’s stuffed up their for your masturbatory pleasure (and hers too, we like to think)? Well, take a gander at this behind the scenes clip from Hustler’s “Your Ass is Mine”…and prepare to have your mind (and ass) completely blown.

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  • Anonymous

    “…that needs to come out of my rectum” Has GOT to be the coolest ending to an interview.

  • hodayathink is walking in the glow of love

    Gives a new meaning to “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”.

  • Brian47

    Amber Rayne is just too cool for school… In all honesty, though, I have had one of those freak out moments where there was some ass play with an item not meant to be inserted (i.e. no flared base!) and it got sucked up out of reach. Thankfully a little bit of patient probing allowed us to remove it safely, no ER trip required – but lesson learned! :)

  • ChokeHerGently

    Amber Rayne, Bobbi Starr, and Tatiana Kush are the new school. I have found myself only picking up titles with their names in it. Fuck Slaves 4, Ass Titans 2, Manaconda 5 etc. You must check out Amber Rayne’s scene with Annette Schwartz in Fuck Slaves 4. When Annette slaps Amber and Amber responds “I ffffucking love you.” I cum right then and there. Then mop up and hit rewind.