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Spank My Booty: Top Ten Amateur Spanking Sex Videos

Jul 21, 2009 | Posted by katekant in Editorial Features

We like big butts and we cannot lie. That's why we have nothing but good thoughts about booty spanking during sex. A little discipline never hurt anyone, especially when it involves sexy women on their knees.

These couples know how to add a little kink to their sex lives, finding a happy medium between pleasure and pain. The women in these videos enjoy every moment of their painful punishment—almost as much as we do.

Bondage and spanking time (xtube.com)

spank (xtube.com)

Me Being Punished, Spanked and Forced to Suck Cock (xtube.com)

kim getting a spanking (xtube.com)

Spanking kate (xtube.com)

Night of Spank (xtube.com)

fouttee (yuvutu.com)

punie (yuvutu.com)

Half-Asian MILF Assfucked w/ATM (yuvutu.com)

FR Woman Spanking Exhib (pornhub.com)


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