Sex Blog Roundup: Kiss It

July 17, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Go on. You know you want to.

Few things communicate quite like a kiss: passionate, tender, urgent, sadistic, playful—they're all easily summed up with a kiss. Intrepid sex researcher Madeline's gone hunting for the perfect kiss. Happily, the sex blogosphere hath delivered. From a surprise dressing room liaison to an early morning suck-a-thon, this week the lips have it.

The Fundamental Things Apply...

"Do you like kissing?" becomes a dusty, unused portal into the sexuality of your partner when all of the bigger flashier bells and whistles and whips and paddles and Wartenburg Wheels are taken away.

I have found my most submissive moments without the aid of toys, tropes and props.

And my most intimate moments fully dressed, in the midst of an act you can get away with pretty much anywhere.

Yes, I love kissing, is my answer.

- The Perverted Negress


object of desire

Kissing the Professional is akin to eating fried pork intestines. It tastes good, and you draw a large amount of satisfaction from it, but there's an undertone of dirty wrongness about it that prevents you from enjoying it the way you would, say, the delicate deliciousness of a chocolate truffle.

- Heartbreak Nymphomania


The Eleventh

His mouth. It's kissed me everywhere, a million times, a billion times. It's placed itself quickly on my cunt almost every time I've announced an impending climax. It's endlessly hungry for the results of my arousal, has drunk of me over and over. It has said words of adoration to me so many times that I begin to believe I really am the goddess he describes.

- Indiscretion


When One Door Closes

Then without warning he pushes me up against the mirror of the dressing room and begins kissing me hard while his hands roam up the front of the dress.

I melt against him submitting willingly to his tongue exploring my mouth and feeling his fingers caresses my mound through my panties.

I pull away, "Don't you want me to try on the other dresses?" He shakes his head and starts to unwrap the dress, and leaves it hanging open framing my body.

- Another Suburban Mom


Story Time

I immediately attack her clit with my tongue. My tongue slips down to her pussy to bring some moisture up to her clit. Moisture that is a combination of her own pussy juices and my cum. I pull the hood of her clit back so I have complete access to her sensitive little button.

I can tell when I am licking her clit at the correct angle by her reaction. Her hips are bucking into my face. Her breathing quickens as I watch her chest rise and fall more rapidly. Her hands are now grabbing her tits firmly while pinching her nipples.

- Sexy Runners


the door shut behind us...

He teased me mercilessly while kissing my neck and pushing me hard against the wall. He finally began to caress my pussy—soaked by this time. He circled my clit driving me mad for a good hard fuck. I began to feel my body throbbing, my release near. My small noises of passion becoming much louder. I cry out his name as my pussy shot hot cum onto his hand.

- The First Day of Autumn


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