Name Porn’s Next It Girl: The Top Five Names

Last week, we invited you to submit a name for Porn’s Next It Girl. Many of you threw your hat into the ring—and now, five contenders have been chosen…and it’s time for you to pick the winner.

With no further ado:

Our thanks to everyone who played along: MissreadLogic, LisaAuge, samanthajean, and McGooey, keep an eye out for a private message on your profile page telling you how to collect your prize!

  • WoreItWell

    Damn you all.

  • sixsixty

    wow, those are all really bad. i should have taken the time to submit something.

  • atlas

    theyre all pretty bad, but good for porno names. chaira seemed good. i bet she likes to sit…on chairs.

  • atlas

    big black….chairs.

  • Spyder01

    I don’t really like the names chosen except for the last one, even though I’m not sure how it should be pronounced (possible problem when they announce her name at the AVN awards?). I think she should just simply go with Noir. That sounds hot :)

  • Anonymous

    Doubting the hype is worth it…

  • dirtybacon

    I wish I hadn’t blanked on names… but I really like Scarlet Horizon. That’s a name I can get behind. I hope it wins!!

    Also, once our new it thing has a name… can we get an exclusive scene? I wanna see!!

  • tammyJ29

    I like Chaira Noir. The name looks sexy and definitely different than the others. It reminds me of hot, steamy, sweet, milky cup of chai latte (I think that’s how it’s pronounced; Shy-rah), or maybe I’m just hungry.

  • Conrad

    For the Chaira one, is it pronounced sh or ch?

  • Conrad

    Why not just go with real names? Porn is becoming pretty common place these days. If I ever work in the adult industry I’ll just use Conrad. I use it for everything else.

  • Prof_Derzshowitz

    The fact that none of mine got in (and I submitted a huge list) is a clear indicator that I should stop spending so much time on my Fleshbot comments.

    …and that I’m not as creative as I thought I was.

  • ChokeHerGently

    Monty Brewster says to vote for “NONE OF THE ABOVE!” My candidate is none of other than the luscious Tatiana Kush!

  • dirtybacon

    damn it, Scarlet Horizon came in second… I really liked that one.

    I just don’t get Chaira Noir honestly. Am I missing something?