Faye Reagan's Doing (Some) Boys: The Initial List

June 12, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

Two days ago, we got the amazingly awesome news that LittleMutt star and Fleshbot Crush Object Faye Reagan was gonna start doing boy/girl scenes again, with a select group of boys. But which boys? We just had to find out.

Thankfully, the very resourceful DCypher was able to persuade sweet Faye to tell us which boys she has her eye on as co-stars. The list is, of course, tentative, and subject to change should any intrepid performers charm the pants off of Faye. But as it now stands, the boys who Faye is inviting to gently reintroduce her to boy/girl are:

Dane Cross Well, obviously. If she won't do her boyfriend, who will she do?

James Deen Called it!

Danny Mountain After watching him give it to Nikka Noir in "Stoya Heat"... well, we definitely understand.

Chris Johnson According to IAFD, Faye and Chris have been in several movies together—though not actually performing in the same scene. Perhaps Faye's had her eye on him for a while?

Evan Stone Again, called it.

DCypher Hey, he was charming enough to get her to give us this list!

· Faye Reagan's Official Site (playwithfaye.com)

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