Fresh Assholes: The Butt, And Nothing But

We know what you’re thinking: “Man, Fleshbot, how come every time I find a pretty asshole to ogle, some guy has to come over and stick his penis in it? Why can’t I just enjoy a good asshole in peace?”

Well, you’re not the only one who feels that way: Fresh Assholes is a celebration of the “softcore anal fetish;” or, in layman’s terms, a blog full of pictures of girls showing off their pretty little puckers, with not a single dick around to muss things up. Isn’t it great when the internet gives us exactly what we want?

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  • Brian47

    Looks fabulous! So appealing and inviting… it’s just hungry for something to be put inside! :)

  • Anonymous

    Website is misleading. Just a generic bunch of pics.

  • I.M.B.Y What’s THIS for…!

    I can see it. Way back in the day the meeting was like :”should we call ourselves ‘Fleshbot’ or ‘Fresh assholes’?”