Sex Blog Roundup: The Rough Stuff

May 29, 2009 | Posted in straight by madelineglass

Sex Blog Roundup: The Rough StuffThis week's authors come out of their shells and pretty much fuck the daylights out of each other. Careful, though; these picks might leave a few marks. Yeah, we didn't think you'd mind. Aw, you like it rough, don't you?

When the mercury rises and spring's flirtations turn into full-throttle summer banging, things tend to get a little raunchy; a tad nasty. Really, if craving sweat and sex mixed with anticipation and a little bit of pain is wrong, we don't want to be right. After all, to paraphrase one of this week's bloggers, gentle only takes us so far. Remember, Madeline loves you.

. . .


After a minute I catch her by the hair. "You're starting to squirm." I say, low in her ear.

She breathes out, a tiny voice. "Uh huh."

I'm still mostly clothed, but my cock is out, hard, stiff from my fly. I kneel behind her, push on her shoulderblades so she's facedown on the bed again, and tease her pussy with the head of it. "Waiting to get fucked?"

-Sugarbutch Chronicles



you let your legs fall open, just a little. just enough so that he knows that you're ready. just enough that i see your whole body jump as his hand grazes you.
just enough that he can reach you. just enough.

i sit back, my body responding and my own eyes closing slightly. you have no idea what i can see. no idea that i know how you trim your beautiful glistening pussy or that i can see his erection. no idea that i know exactly what you're doing

-bad influence girl



We lie together in comfortable exhaustion, soaking up the warmth of sunlight and the radiated heat generated from vigorous friction. I slowly shift into my expected position; flat on my belly, left cheek on his flank, face full of our mingled scent.

My lips move.




Slowly he begins pushing against my lips, until the head of his cock slides against my clit, but no further.

Braced above me, he grabs my hips for leverage and grinds his cock slowly into the cleft, the lips sucking on the juicy head as we both begin to sweat.

-Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage


Cock Love II: Tales of Legendary Cocks

I just had sex with the most phenomenal cock I've ever met.

-Beautiful, Depraved.



"Quit teasing me..." she said.

I took it slow, fucking her with long strokes, careful not to push to sharply against the knot and the rope.

"Fuck me harder," she growled. This is what she likes - the hard, sharp, unrestrained fuck. Gently only takes her so far.



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