Sex Blog Roundup: The World's Sexiest Couples

May 19, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by alwaysarousedgirl

Sex Blog Roundup: The World's Sexiest CouplesToday we search for the world's sexiest couples. Join AlwaysArousedGirl right after the jump, won't you?

What does it take to win the honor of World's Sexiest Couple? The hotties in this week's roundup of sex blog steaminess have all the right stuff. Passion? Check. Endurance? Definitely. Creativity, daring and a strong dose of exhibitionism? You bet. Read their stories and cast your votes. Who will win the crown? And what's the prize, anyway?


Thank you, Jay Wiseman

I lubed it up and lightly pressed it up against his asshole. He pushed back on it and it slid in easily.

I picked up the rubber baton. This toy can be a real killer. I started with a light tapping on his ass. I was comfortable on the bed and just taking my time gradually increasing the intensity.

Lolita Wolf's Predictions & Predilections



"No!" she hissed. Her body lurched forward. "I am not afraid of you."

And as quickly as it started, his hands were off her. Her breath came out in gasps as she lay exhausted on the carpet.

He stood and watched as she writhed slightly within her bonds. Her flesh had blushed pink where he'd pinched her. He slipped his crisp white shirt off and lay it carefully on the back of a chair. He strode towards her, kicking her discarded black bra to one side. In one hand he held the tie he had around his neck just hours ago.

Pretty Perversions


Oliver Ripley - Part Nine

His fingers caught hers, pulling them down the pole as he pressed himself into her. She felt his cock jut hard into her belly, and she reached for him, ready to spread herself on the dirty floor if only he would change his mind.

"Not here. Not now." He licked her neck, obviously not afraid, as turned on by the dark, forbidden, temptation as she was.

"Where? When?" She groaned.

Zander Vyne: Erotica


Wild Girl

The cuffs are soft, and keep my wrists from bruising. He tucks a pillow behind me, to protect my head from the hard headboard. I am humming with excitement and longing. I moan as his hand brushes my face. He's smiling down at me. I can smell his skin. My mouth opens. I can almost feel him against my lips. I'm waiting, every sense alert, waiting.

Birds are smart



Later, he throws me up against a wall, face first, holding me close from behind, and explores even more of me. The wall is cold on my body, so I lean back into him, the sheer physics of matching push-pull pressure holding us together for what seems like an eternity, and one I wish would never end. He holds me close as he paints a permanent imprint of my body on his probing and inquisitive hands.

And nibbles my ear as he does so.

Elegant Smut



"How about this, then," I asked, feeling my eyes going dark and the space between my legs growing wet. "Do it again, please. Harder."

"Well…" His eyes began to gleam, "if you're going to ask so nicely," and he smacked me again.

"That's what I like about you," I said, breathing harder. "You're so obliging."

He fisted his hands harder in my hair, pulling my head back and making me close my eyes and gasp.

"You say the nicest things," he said, and as he his hands from my hair I heard the sound of a zipper opening and felt his weight leave me as he removed his pants. "Now let's see what else you can do with that mouth of yours."

Secret Confessions of a Smart Girl


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