Tommy Pistol Brings Back The Alt Horror Sex Comedy With “Attack Of The Staph Spider”

Have you been longing for a gross out sex horror-comedy? Are your copies of “The XXXorcist” and “The Re-Penetrator” scratched and skipping from overplay? Well, good news: Tommy Pistol has just the thing for you.

“Attack of the Staph Spider” tells the tale of a porn shoot that gets derailed when one of the lovely starlets gets bit by the mysterious and menacing staph spider during a smoke break. True, it’s more of a short than a feature, and more horror than hardcore—but it’s got enough girls and gore to both turn your stomach and titillate. Not that we’d expect less from Tommy Pistol or his stellar cast (which includes alt faves Daisy Sparks, Gia Paloma, and Eon McKai).

[Fair warning: when we say it's gross, we mean it's really pretty gross (a certain editrix could not sit through the entire video). But hey, if that's your thing, enjoy!]

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  • chickee510

    I made it. I watched the whole thing…I hope I’ll be alright.

  • Chumas

    I’ve seen some weird shit before, but Damn.
    Wow man, just wow.