Maximum Capacity: Top Ten Triple Penetration Sex Videos

Maximum Capacity: Top Ten Triple Penetration Sex VideosAfter we ran our double penetration roundup, we received an email from one Prof_Derzshowitz challenging us to take things further. Not satisfied with a mere two cocks, our friend had found some triple penetration videos.

Since we’re not one to take a challenge lying down, we decided to see his Top Five Triple Penetration videos, and raise it to a Top Ten—and then, since we’d done all that work, we figured we might as well share the glorious results with you. After all, what good is a video of two cocks in an ass and one in a vag if you don’t have any friends to enjoy it with?

Triple penetration orgy (

Triple penetrating the blond (

Audrey Hollander does triple (

Triple Penetration (

Blonde gets fucked by four black Studs (

Anal triple penetration (

Gang Bang Triple Penetration (

Belladonna Double anal and triple creampie (

Stunning Simony triple cock gangbang (

Fucked by three cocks (


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  • atlas

    can we expect some dvda next time?

  • Brian47

    Wow Lux, you certainly now how to the week on an amazing high note! I was just thinking about Audrey Hollander today for some reason… she and Sandra Romain were always wonderful in their anal scenes, showcasing some amazing skill. There is a scene similar to Belladonna’s here yet starring Aurora Snow, I think in the DVD “Space Invaders”… :)

  • dirtybacon

    When I read the headline, I was expecting “airtight” videos… could that be next?

  • Anonymous

    I think the first and fourth videos are from the same movie…does that count?

  • bidonnamarie

    Wow Lux, you know I love Anal and DP and now this! You rock my world with great posts! And to the Prof, thank you sir, may I please have another!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Donna Marie