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February 20, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Sex Blog Roundup: Anticip-ation. We like it when bloggers take time to revel in their horniness. This week, Madeline's found the randiest writers on the web . . . who just love making you wait for it.

While you may subscribe to the notion that "the waiting is the hardest part" (Thanks, Tom Petty!), we tend to lean toward delayed gratification where fucking is involved. Don't get us wrong, there's a certain thrill in quick-bam-to-the-point coitus, but as this week's selections slow down and take a look at the lead-up, things heat up nicely.


He rolled over to face her. Even in the half-light, he could see the lust gleaming in her eyes. The sheets were thrown back from her naked shoulders, and though the bedroom was warm, her nipples were roused to full stiffness. He wondered if she'd been gently caressing her breasts as he'd dozed beside her. He reached out a hand and stroked his palm along the warmth of her closest thigh. When he reached her sex, he found her full and wet. Either she'd been silently pleasuring herself, or her thoughts alone had been indecently arousing. He found that both possibilities made his predator's blood course.

-Easily Aroused


The Last Scene

Friday night after dinner, Joscelin had me strip and stand facing the window. (The blinds were closed - it wasn't that kind of scene.) I had just finished being emotional over something and I had been eager to be hurt or used or fucked all day...

-Devastating, Yet Inconsequential



He touched his fingertips to my skin and I shivered. He slowly started touching me all over, my breasts and stomach, legs, turning me around, up and down my back. He kissed me softly and my skin felt hot under his lips. He was being so gentle and so careful. It was like he was afraid to break me, but I felt stronger than ever with his collar around my neck.

-His Kitten


A Rush

he sends me something he wrote. the first sentence and i am throbbing, twitching and my breathing slows down. i read on and it is exactly what i need, want, desire. my heart starts pounding and i can feel the wetness pooling. when i get to the end i am shaking at a response back to him. it's been such a long time and i feel like i took a hit of something really fucking good.

-Gracie's Playground



placing the steel wand on her belly for its cold shock value (dastardly!) and then dousing it with massage oil was too good to pass up, so it was done. the oil dripped down to meet her juices. my tongue met them at the pass and the wand did its magic. slowly teasingly, i opened layers of her using this and all of my senses, save voice, this was all done silently. it was about feeling and hearing her. she orgasmed quickly, then slowly, then again and possible again after that. i paid rapt attention to all of her and delighted in her response to my every touch and taste.

-In My Little Pocket of the World


Late For Work . . . Again

"I'm waiting."

At the words hissed through my teeth, she stepped forward and dropped to her knees pushing me back against the wall with both hands. She shuffled forwards on her knees until she was right before me, knees together as if she were praying, and she drew the zip of my suit trousers down slowly, slipping my belt through the buckle at the same time. Her fingers flipped open the button and pulled my trousers and boxer shorts down over my hips, dropping them to the floor. My cock sprung free and she took it in her grasp, cupping my balls with her other hand.



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