Towers Of Pleasure: Our Favorite Tall Pornstars... In Action

It's a general rule in porn that male performers are short (to make the cocks look bigger) and female performers are shorter. Hence the proliferation of pint-size wonders like Joanna Angel and Jesse Jane.

But, fans of diversity that we are, we love to see tall women en flagrante delicto as well. There's something about those long, elegant limbs that really gets us going. And what better way to celebrate those long, elegant limbs than with a video roundup? Not only are these women long in the torso... they're also long on the sexy. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)

. . .

Katsuni: 5'9"

Lacie Heart: 5'9"

Janine: 5'8"

Gianna Michaels: 5'10"

Ashley Long: 5'11"

Lexi Bardot: 5'11"

Faith Leon: 5'11"

Nikki Grind: 5'11''

Angel Long: 6'

Rhiannon Bray: 5'11"


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