We Can’t Escape Hitomi Tanaka (Or Her Awesome Breasts)

What’s that line about how once you first discover something, then suddenly it seems to be everywhere? Well, that’s how we feel about Hitomi Tanaka, who—once again—has appeared in some hardcore clips.

Can’t get enough of Hitomi? We can’t blame you. See her in action (again!) in these videos over at StileProject. (Thanks, E!)

· Tato (vids.stileproject.com)
· Hitomi Tanaka (vids.stileproject.com)

  • dirtybacon

    the second link… where she’s swimming nude… is so…so…mesmerizing…

  • daprincess

    her tits are phenomenal. she’s the hottest mermaid in allllll the laaaaaannnd.
    p.s. that dude in the first clip? he’s not so hot at the frenchin’, i’d say…ew.