Amy Fisher Finds Forgiveness In The Adult Industry

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Amy Fisher Finds Forgiveness In The Adult IndustryYou might expect that a woman who garnered national attention at age seventeen as the Long Island Lolita would spend the rest of her life avoiding the spotlight. But you would be underestimating Amy Fisher.

Since her release from prison, Amy has chosen to take advantage of her name recognition, pursuing a career as a writer, starring in a "leaked" sex tape, and now—in what is, ultimately, a natural progression—crossing completely into the adult industry with a dirty pay-per-view special, her very own porno website, and a side career as a feature dancer. Last week, we spoke with Amy in her Long Island home, where she told us all about her new life and why a Long Island mom would want to get into porn.

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Fleshbot: So, first off, why did you decide to get into the adult industry?
Amy Fisher: I just have a fascination with the adult world, I think it's very cool. And it's a very forgiving industry—everything goes, everyone's nice, and I'm just having a great time.

I went to AVN last year, and it was a great time—everyone was so free, girls were running around with their tops off. And then you come home and everyone's so stiff and boring—you know what I mean? I just wanted to stay a part of the excitement.

FB: Right now, you're just doing girl-girl scenes. Would you consider doing boy-girl scenes in the future?
AF: I would. It's my husband that seems to have a problem with it.

FB: But he's okay with girl-girl?

AF: Yeah, to him that doesn't seem like cheating. To me, none of it seems like cheating—it's just having a good time. And there are a lot of great looking guys out there who I would love to work with.

FB: When did you start feature dancing?
AF: Last month. It's definitely different. I was contacted by the Lee Agency, and Tony Lee, he asked me, "Do you want to go and do signings at these clubs?" And then it turned into, "Did you ever think about dancing?" And I said no. And he asked if I wanted to try it, and I said "Why not?"—and I got hooked on it.

FB: What's your favorite part about feature dancing?
AF: Well, I know it's different for the men, but for me, it's that you get to be a girl, you get to dress up with all the sexy costumes, and I just like the dancing. And you know when you're doing this that everyone's there for you, and they just love you. It's not like you're doing it in the middle of a mall—everyone's there for you.

FB: Had you ever danced before this?
AF: Just with my girlfriends, at the club.

FB: Wow, it must be hard to go straight into feature dancing, then.
AF: Yeah—I'm training a lot. When I get into something, I want to be the best at whatever I do. So I'm just training like a maniac. I spend three hours every day at the gym—cause I'm no kid, you have to work hard to fight against time.

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