The Future Of Sex (Toys): The Real Touch Robopussy

The Future Of Sex (Toys): The Real Touch RobopussyAt AEE last year, the sex toy to watch out for was the Sasi. We may not have found any toys that could compete with the current queen of vibes—but we did discover a robopussy.

If we were going to be all technical about it, we’d tell you AEBN’s Real Touch is a cyberdildonics device, one that responds to input from porn movies, mimicking the star’s actions to make it feel like you—yes, you!—are actually receiving that blowjob from Sasha Grey. We’d also tell you that it’s one of the most remarkable male sex toys we’ve ever seen—even without the porno interfacing. But the truth is, once we put our fingers inside its robo canal, and felt the ribbed lining massage our fingers (and the opening clamp around them from time to time), there was really only one thing we could possibly think: Holy shit, they’ve finally made a robopussy. Demo video above.

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  • bmeboy

    please tell me you are going to review this.

  • Some Dumbass

    It’s both totally amazing, and a bit creepy. If someone puts this inside a RealDoll, Nerds will be extinct in one generation.

    My brain just keeps coming back to Futurama though, “Don’t Date Robots!”

  • Anonymous

    My brother wants me to ask: How much will they cost and when can I… I mean he, get one?

  • Radkeen

    As much fun as this may look, I don’t know if I trust sticking my dick into any electrical or mechanical device.

  • Anonymous

    You mean it’s 2009 and they only just invented something that supposed to simulate a vagina?
    That’s pretty shocking, I thought it was a done deal.

  • Raj Saxena

    Who doesn’t need who now, ladies?

  • hodayathink is walking in the glow of love

    So far, I count three Gawker sites making reference to this (io9, Fleshbot, Gizmodo). If it makes it on to Kotaku, this may be the greatest invention ever (and bring the interactive video game experience to a whole new level).

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I saw this thing at and it scared the hell out of me! I would volunteer to review it for you though…

  • Paul

    I’m bothered that it does not work on its own. When they nail down the pricing scheme, maybe it’ll be okay, but for 150 bucks you get the device and the first half hour…after that your’e paying per minute to use the device, and only where you have internet access.

  • Anonymous

    Would like more info on where and how I can get on of the The real touch Robopussys.ow much and where I can get it.Saw it on G4 show on the AEE show
    Thanks. Geoff Pettigrew

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been looking for a valentines day surprise for my husband and when I found out this about this realtouch virtual sex thingie I thought THATS IT! I found out later at that it is not available for sale yet…you have to subscribe there to be notified when it ready to ship :( Any insider clues? Will I make it to the deadline please!!?

  • Anonymous

    As sexy as it sounds, I fear that it would go all Skynet and rip my dick off…

  • dougleys

    any updates on this device?