Sex Blog Roundup: Banging New Year

January 2, 2009 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Sex Blog Roundup: Banging New YearThis week, Madeline finds intrepid sex bloggers all aflutter for new encounters in the new year, and recalling some that just won't be forgotten. Thankfully, they're pretty much seared into our minds, too.

January seems to bring out the sentimental in everyone. Sex bloggers are no exception, as some of the hottest Internet writers reminisce about 2008, and ring in 2009 with a bang. Yeah, we said it, and we'll say it again: A Bang. From group sex to an intimate SMS thread, to first lesbian encounters and oh, did we mention the one about a handjob in church? Read on, good people, read on; and Happy New Year.

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Sinful Actions - The Handjob

We ended up in the church library. It was dark and we closed the door behind us. We sat on the couch, an old antique couch that had probably been there for decades. I even remember the room smelled stale, but I don't think either of us were really bothered by that. We had other thoughts on our mind.

-Anal Amy


Judy's Story - Pt 15

Judy was so cute. Her eyes were closed and a wisp of hair was stuck to her moist forehead. Our newest lover was soaring with her righteous fucking. She had both of her hands between her legs and held flat against Joe's thighs as if she were pushing against him to keep him from plunging too deep, but in actuality, her arms were slack, bent at the elbow and when he withdrew, sometimes only her fingertips were touching him. Some "defense". Cute.

- Shared Cindy


xmas eve

"You can't do that to a girl" she says, panties wet, pouting lips. "Oh yes I can" he answers with a wink. "Now finish that wrapping, I'll get you a drink". Making her a drink as she settles on the floor in front of the tree to wrap the last few presents he pauses, walks into the room, sees her sitting on the floor, pulls his semi erect cock out and looks down upon her, "kiss it" he tells her.

- Dark Side of the Mind


Control - Part 2

I lean down and slide my tongue over your lips. You greedily kiss me back. You're hungry for more as well. It's then that I release your hands. Your fingers fly to my hair, pulling me closer as our kiss deepens. It's frantic now. I've teased you for so long and you need to fuck - urgent and hard.

-Dirty Little Mind


Serious Play

The text message presents a single, simple question.

"What are you thinking about right now?"

Your answer takes even less time to type out: "Cock."


"Maybe. Maybe not. Right now, I just want some cock. Hard and thick."



Coming Into 2009

2008 saw my first kiss with a woman, way back in April.

Christmas 2008 saw me develop that further into my first girl-girl fuck. It's an odd way to celebrate Christmas, in particular because that's precisely what I don't usually do (celebrate Christmas, not fuck - i fuck quite a lot). But they did, apparently, if the gaily decorated Christmas tree was anything to go by.

And I made her come.

- Elegant Smut


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