Say Hello To Shay Jordan Jasmine Jinn

Not too long ago, we heard a rumor that Shay JordanTM might be leaving Digital Playground—and it looks like we've gotten confirmation of that rumor.

The website for Gold Star Modeling features a newly added model, Jasmine Jinn, who bears a strong resemblance to the lovely Shay. Why the name change? Well, she's not Shay JordanTM for nothing: Digital Playground holds the trademark on the name Shay Jordan, so any work that Shay Jasmine wants to do with another company must be done under another name (just like with Chyna and the WWE!).

In any case, we're glad to see that Shay/Jasmine/Whatever is still working... a Shay by any other name still fucks as sweet, right?

· Gold Star Modeling: Jasmine Jinn (, via · Image courtesy of Digital Playground (

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