Sex Blog Roundup: Longest Nights Of The Year

December 23, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by alwaysarousedgirl

Nights are long and days are short here in the Northern hemisphere, which is bad for working on a tan but great for gettin' busy. Read on for some sizzling nighttime adventures with AlwaysArousedGirl.

With so little sunlight, we may as well make use of all that darkness and get up to some undercover naughtiness. The bloggers in this week's round-up do. These naughty nighttime lovers generate their own mid-winter heat. Who needs the sun when there's porn to watch, sex clubs to visit and Christmas trees to decorate (and fuck in front of)? We sure don't. Turn down the lights and read on.

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dirty talk.

We developed a strange routine. He'd come over to my apartment late at night, when I'd be in the middle of doing something quiet, like reading. A little drunk and a little coked up, he'd strip out of his clothes and pull out his cock. And then he'd ask questions about the sex I was having with other men, and I'd answer him slowly, meting out details while he jerked off to the sound of my voice. He'd ask how many men, how often, what I did, what it felt like, whether I came.

Sometimes he'd open his eyes and tell me to strip, slowly, while he watched.



She showed me her keister.

Shayne only-slightly-demurely asked me if I would be ok with me if she jilled herself as we watched Slade turn on all fours, her stout round bottom (very like Shayne's herself) being smacked and held as she got fucked hard.

As if I would say no.

I held my baby close as her hand delved into her warm folds, and enjoyed her faint shaking and gasps as she stroked that magnificent clit of hers that I've come to learn so well. It wasn't long before I slipped to the floor with a smile, opening Shanye's legs before me as she giggled and gave me access to her beautiful cunt. (Have I ever mentioned how she loves that word?) Swabbing and teasing her, my tongue darted throughout her thick and friendly seam, the tip of my tongue darting above and around her girldick.

—-Urban Roguery


Sex Report: Gimme More

I decided I might as well tell her the truth. Maybe she'd even be into it.

"Thinking about doing this," I said, and repositioning myself slightly I lifted my left hand off the bed, supporting my weight entirely with my right. Then I put my left hand on her throat, my fingers wrapping around her lovely neck. I didn't squeeze, didn't choke her or try to cut off her breathing. I just held my hand there, gripping her just tightly enough that there was no way she could forget it.

Her neck felt delicate and small under my hand. I could feel her windpipe just beneath my palm, could detect every breath and swallow. It was a powerful feeling, dominating and very, very aggressive.



Private club

She pulls my g-string to one side, exposing the cleft of my bottom, pulls my cheeks apart to access my tight rosebud. Her soft mouth on my ass, her warm tongue pressing against my tight little hole. I moan, trying to spread my legs wider, but impossibly hobbled by the tight hem of my skirt. She delves with her pink kitten tongue, purring against me, the vibrations driving me crazy, and I beg her. I can hear the smile in her voice when she pulls away, and I can hear the zip of her zipper as she undoes her tight pants.

The soft head of a thick dildo replaces her tongue at my asshole, and with little effort, she slides into me, fucking me gently, but confidently, gathering my hair in her hand to pull my head back, urging my back to arch, to take her in deeper.

Thursday's Child has far to go...


Taking a Ride with Master and Sir

As her husband slid into the driver's seat he nodded his permission to her, and she pushed the front seat forward, climbed into the back seat and looked up at her friend invitingly. He wasted no time climbing in beside her as the car rumbled to a start.

His mouth was soft and wet against her throat, his thumb warm as he rubbed it across her lips. She slipped his thumb into her mouth as he kissed his way up to her ear, his hardening cock pressing insistently against her thigh.

"I'm going to unzip my pants now, and you're going to suck me like you've been dying to do all night," he breathed into her ear.

As he unzipped, she leaned forward and whispered into her husband's ear, "I'm about to suck his cock, baby." She left him with several kisses up and down his cheek before she was roughly pulled to the backseat again.

Memoirs of a MILF


A Beautiful Tree, A Beautiful Boy....

Of course, when we were finished with the lights, and the sun had faded, we decided to take a break.

Like teenagers, we fell onto the couch, his cock poking me in the hip as we kissed. We knew we only had a set amount of time before my daughter and her fiancee came home.

As I reached into his jeans and pulled out his gorgeous cock, it began to drip in my hand.

Ambient Storm's Provocative Persiflage


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