Sex Blog Roundup: Wanna Play Spin the Dreidel?

December 19, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Sex Blog Roundup: Wanna Play Spin the Dreidel?Oy, Christmas. Sometimes we get a little farblondzhet with the Christmas mishegas. For Fleshbot Jews (and there are lots of us), Chanukah starts Sunday. Light a candle, read some porn. Madeline's got donuts for glazing.

We love Christmastime here at Fleshbot. It's almost as good as Halloween for flashing up photos of nubile ladies in decidedly slutty poses (Santa hat + candycane, anyone?). But lest we forget, Chanukah starts Sunday, and Heebs far and near get eight crazy nights of drinking, gambling and eating fried foods. This week's best of the sex blogs is designed to titillate and inspire, whether you're wrapping the last of your yuletide gifties, or tossing gelt into the pot and hoping for a Gimmel.

. . .

Sex Report: Climax Crime

So yes, I did in fact promise my wife that I wouldn't come inside her last night. In fact I promised I was okay with us having sex without me finishing at all.

"Let me fuck you until you come," I whispered in her ear as my fingers played across her clit, trying to get her worked up to a frenzied state. "I don't even have to finish. I just want to hear you moan and groan, then we'll go to sleep."

-Sex. Life. Blog.


Not Funny. Not Romantic.

Romance in the modern era usually involves sex except you wouldn't know it from watching a romcom. These people are too busy not making decisions to have sex: in fact they appear to lack sex organs. Still it's a good thing. Can you imagine the indecisive, shambolic Hugh Grant character asking for a blow job?

-Woman of Experience


The Church

I do not know this love from my rational mind, nor from much more than a couple of baskets of experience. But I know this love. When I leave her, I taste it on the tip of my first cigarette and I see it in the highway lanes swerving endlessly back to my gray, morning bed.

-The Provocateur



Each blow was getting harder. I could tell it was almost the end when he paused. He crouched next to me and looked at my face. There were some tears there, but I hadn't fallen apart. "Maybe just six more," I thought, hoping that he would have mercy on me.

"Kitten, how many more? Pick a number between 1 and 10."

-His Kitten


Desire at the Office

She feels her pussy gushing as he tugs harder and harder at her erect nipples. She slides her hand down between her legs gathering some of the flowing juices there and bringing it up between their lips. They both lick and suck the sweetness from her finger moaning into each other's mouths, their tongues melting together. She turns her head to watch for just an instant as he tugs viciously at her nipples, his cock spearing her backside until he urgently turns her around, seats her on the faucet, and sinks to his knees before her open legs.

-Memoirs of a MILF


Fact...Or Fiction

As the car gained speed on the highway, his fingers began to flex against my skirt. His fingers inched the soft material up until my knee and thigh were exposed. I drew a deep breath all the while wondering just how far I would let this go. Apparently, my mind was made up as I voiced no objection when he began to travel south toward his home rather than north toward mine. Pushing all thoughts of the consequences out of my mind, I fully gave into "for old time's sake" and opened my thighs wider as his hand slipped down the inside of my thigh.

-The Naughty One


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