Who Is Abby Winters?

December 12, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

Who Is Abby Winters?Aussie all natural porn site Abby Winters has long been plagued by the rumor that founder Abby Winters is (gasp!) not a real person—and a reader email we just received seems to confirm this suspicion.

On the Abby Winters forums, "Petria," one of the models who participated in the company's AEE 2008 appearance, admits that Abbywinters.com CEO Garion Hall was actually the photographer credited as "Abby" in the site's popular "Yoga Girls" photo session. Responding to a customer, she says:

Who Is Abby Winters?

Drama! Intrigue! Gasp!

That aside, however: Abby Winters makes quality porn, featuring a type of girl not often seen in adult media. From everything we know, their models are treated well and enjoy working with the company. While it's certainly in poor taste to create a fake female figurehead... well, we're not about to boycott the site just because of that.

· Model Petria Reveals Abby Winters's Identity (forums.abbywinters.com)

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