The Final Showdown: Jenna Haze Vs. Stoya

And so it is, at the end of weeks of long, hard fought battles, that we come to the final round of Extreme Pornstar Showdown.

Both Stoya and Jenna Haze have won the right to walk into the ring—but only one of them will walk out a champion.

By now, you are all no doubt familiar with the charms of both stars; we won't waste your time regaling you with tales of their victories. Today is all about the action—so with no further ado, we present the competitors. Only one can win: choose your victor wisely.

. . .

Jenna Haze: From "Pretty Pussies Please 2" (

Stoya: From "Stoya Sexual Freak 7" (


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Images courtesy Digital Playground

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