The Final Showdown: Jenna Haze Vs. Stoya

And so it is, at the end of weeks of long, hard fought battles, that we come to the final round of Extreme Pornstar Showdown.

Both Stoya and Jenna Haze have won the right to walk into the ring—but only one of them will walk out a champion.

By now, you are all no doubt familiar with the charms of both stars; we won’t waste your time regaling you with tales of their victories. Today is all about the action—so with no further ado, we present the competitors. Only one can win: choose your victor wisely.

. . .

Jenna Haze: From “Pretty Pussies Please 2″ (

Stoya: From “Stoya Sexual Freak 7″ (


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Images courtesy Digital Playground

  • stoya

    Jenna and I fucked in Stoya Atomic Tease. She’s so sexy, it’s ridiculous.

  • Come a little Miroslav Klose You’re My Kind of Man

    I see I supported the also-rans in the previous round. Alack! I vote for Stoya, now, though; not big into the spinner fantasies (Jenna Haze is the really short one, right?).

  • Ecks

    Jenna Haze, I choose you!

  • Snowbunny

    Both of these girls are ridiculously hot, and I like that they don’t have bleached to shit hair and implants.

    I voted Jenna because she was the underdog (by 1%), but really it doesn’t matter. Everybody is a winner in the final round.

  • MalzyWheels

    I voted Stoya. And I call shenanigans!


  • HBKnight

    I prefer Stoya but Jenna’s been at it longer and has shown zero signs that her skills are diminishing. That gave her the edge.

    Please forgive me Stoya. I’ll buy more of your movies to make up for it m’kay?

  • StlHakusho

    This is really hard, Stoya is more my type and that makes me want to give her the nod but Jenna has been a crush for years now and thats why she gets my vote.

  • dirtybacon

    If previous contests can be judged… everyone will say they are voting for Stoya, but Haze will win.

    Either way, Stoya has captured my attention recently with her supreme commandressness, and this vote is for her.

  • Anonymous

    i voted for stoya. no question.

  • Lainface

    I don’t like either of them. Maybe it’s because I’m female, but their generic porn voices are irritating. I’ll choose Haze because Stoya looks like she’s never left the porn studio with that pale skin.

  • JimK

    Stoya, Stoya and STOYA. She’s perfect. Expect for the baby girl voice thing, but man, when every other thing about her is so fucking hot, she can baby girl voice all she goddamn well wants to.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t make me choose. I’m all torn n’ shit.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotta go with Stoya in this one. She just seems more genuine and she didn’t fall into the traditional porno-patter like Jenna did.

  • Anonymous

    More genuine? what are you smoking?
    Jenna is the most genuine, the hottest and the best performer in the biz. For more than 7 years now! She does the hottest stuff out there and STILL no tats, no piercings, no surgery. She is the best!
    This poll is rigged! Some freak is stuffing Stoya. You guys should ask Rog T. Pipe about how to make a REAL poll.
    Go and give it to Stoya now and stop making all this “theater”.

  • Cameron RS

    Stoya all the way, especially she’s being fucked by a guy who looks a lot like President-Elect Obama. Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    I <3 Stoya!!

  • ChokeHerGently

    It’s a Stoya world. The rest of us are just jerking off in it.

  • Anonymous

    Stoya. She’s ridiculously cute.

  • FinalFist

    Gaaawwwd I love you Stoya! You are the pinnacle of my dreams! Ugh!

  • Evelyn Leigh

    stoya clearly cares more, and i like my pornstars to love me too soooo, stoya wins!

  • lazerbunny!

  • Anonymous

    Stoya. No Contest

  • Anonymous

    jenna haze is ok. and also sylvia saint and dont forget teagan presley