Sex Blog Roundup: Touch Me

December 5, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by madelineglass

Sex Blog Roundup: Touch MeYou know that feeling when your fingers accidentally brush against someone you're way into? The little zing of electricity that makes your heart, brain and, um, other parts go "Whoa?" Yeah, we thought so. Of all the senses, the sense of touch is most likely to make people orgasm. (Okay, we pulled that out of our ass, but we're willing to bet it's true!) This week we've amassed some of the blogosphere's best takes on touch. These are the posts that made our loins all fiery and got us shifting in our deskchairs. From the aforementioned "heartflip-zing" to the torturous smoothness of youthful boyskin to the way a perfectly formed cock fits into a willing mouth (or pussy, or ass), we think these pieces are enough to make even the clothed among you long for some skin to stroke.

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You know for sure that you two have connected in a very unique way; that the sex will be of the mind-blowing, furniture-moving, scrape-me-off-the-ceiling variety… These are usually the times where you have cause to feel as though an electric shock just ripped straight through you, from nipples-to-cunt, with a nod and a wave at your g-spot.

And you're right. A casual touch over a table in a restaurant, as he passes you the soy sauce. You take a lump of wasabi with chopsticks clutched in trembling fingers - what the fuck was that?!

-Elegant Smut


Lying Back, Thinking of England...

The chair is less a chair than a recliner, and in it, I recline. On my back, I watch her curled up on the more conventional chair, refracting, I feel no similar need. I beckon, she approaches, swings a leg over and settles down while I reach for the duvet on the bed and pull it over us, all the way over, light diffused through down in our own private world. Skin against skin, she wriggles from side to side, and when that has achieved its aim, she aims herself, impales, and rocks gently up and down. She's warm, embraced by duvet, and I'm hot, embraced by her.

-Sleeping on the Other Side of the Bed


The "best" Cock I ever Had..

There was Brett's cock. It was about average length, but on the thick side. It fit perfectly inside of my pussy and my mouth. I also, remember it being really smooth. I've never been into the cocks with all the crazy veins and stuff. Some girls say that feels better, but I've really never noticed.

-Anal Amy


Young Blood

I smiled and touched his cheek. It was so soft… And then his neck, down to his chest and firm abs. He's fit and muscular, but in this kinda child-like way. I missed that! His kisses were so gentle, so shy and uncertain. His hands were shaking slightly and he almost exploded when he touched my breasts.

"Oh, my, they're so big!" Yeah, that's always nice to hear. And weird, too, coming from a kid like him.

-Coquette in Bed


Tight Grip

When The Bruiser bends me over the vanity in his room, he grabs me, one hand on my shoulder and the other on my hip. He grips me hard; hard enough for me to feel where his hands were the next day. He uses this grip to be able to pound me even harder than he already is, pulling me back into him vigorously, slamming into me violently and frantically.

-Oh, My God, That Britni's Shameless


Shift of Power

The shaking spreads from my appendages into my belly, my pelvis, my sexual organs; and they contract in that phenomenal muscle spasm brought on by orgasmic release. I still the motion of my hips and convulse around his cock. My whole body twitches with the aftershock of pleasure and the strength leaves my arms and legs.

I collapse on his chest; shaking, spent. The most intense, un-self-conscious orgasm I've had with him. The most vulnerable moment, but with the most power in it. *I* did it. He was merely a tool for *my* pleasure.

The Seduction of Infidelity


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