You Asked, Stoya Answered

November 18, 2008 | Posted in Editorial Features by lux-alptraum

You Asked, Stoya AnsweredLast week we invited you to ask Digital Playground contract star (and newly elected Fleshbot Supreme Commandress) Stoya whatever questions sprung to mind: this week, Stoya is back with her answers. Whether it's how she feels about her trademark (TM), what sex toys she enjoys, or advice on how to fix your relationships, Stoya has all the answers. . . . Hey Stoya, Love your work! I find you simply amazing. I normally enjoy larger breasted females but there is something about you that just turns me on! Maybe it is how you get into the scene or maybe it is your nice ass, perky tits, and sexy moan. But to get to my question. Do you have any fetishes that you don't get to do on screen? I am enjoy peeing. Girls giving golden showers or just girls peeing. I know that isn't really DP's thing but wondered if you would ever do a scene with that or if you are totally against that. Secondly, do you feel special since your "name" is trademarked? Personally, I define 'fetish' as something that is necessary for either arousal or the completion of the sexual act. That said, I have no fetishes but am quite into a number of acts usually categorized as fetish. Mostly I enjoy new things and making the experience enjoyable for the partner(s) so if they're into it I almost always enjoy participating. In my personal life the line is drawn at poo and living things that can't or don't consent. I'm not against pee, but I am against going to jail for violation of obscenity laws, and since Digital Playground is also going to be running my eventual website, people that want to see me pee are going to have to wait for the United States to relax on the whole obscenity thing. Good luck with that one. To answer your second question, no. Actually, having my name trademarked makes me feel a little weird, like I'm supposed to be some kind of porn star or something. ——- Dear Stoya, I've got some questions for you. If any of these questions are too intrusive or you would rather not answer them please ignore them: Main Question: At what age did you discover pornography and what was your reaction? Was it a movie, magazine or other? Remember its title? Consider these: When did you discover masturbation? How often do you masturbate? Do you masturbate to pornography? Have you masturbated to your own sex scenes? What's your favorite sex toy or do you prefer your hand? At what age did you lose your virginity? Have you ever been with a transsexual and would you consider performing with one in the future? What's the kinkiest or wildest sex act you've ever done? On the Kinsey sexual orientation scale where would you classify yourself? 0 - 6 (0=Hetero 3=Bi 6=Homo). How do you feel about labels such as: gay, straight, and bi? When did you decide to get into the adult business and why? What are the pros and cons of the adult industry? How would you like the porn industry to change in the coming years? If you weren't a porn star what would you be or is that thought totally inconceivable? Do you plan to remain in the industry as a producer or director or will you be exclusive to performing? Have all your dreams been fulfilled? What are your feelings on breast implants? Hottest sex scene you've performed in? And... you are beautifully hot! Wow, that sure is a big, long list of questions. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one that huge. Do you mind if I touch it? I'm overwhelmed by the size... At 7 am on my way to shoot with the lovely angelina armani, I am overstimulated and convinced that everything needs to be a sexual innuendo. You should try it some time. Its a fun game. What age did I discover pornographic material? It was definitely more than four years ago. Actually, it wasn't a movie or a magazine, it was bdsm and fetish newsgroups on the internet. Obviously I reacted to it quite well :) By the time I signed with DP I had still only seen a handful of adult movies, and the only ones I found interesting enough to sit through were "The Fashionistas" and JackTheZipper's work, which kind of makes sense because they both have a lot of artistic and fetish themes. What's my favorite sex toy or do I prefer my hand? I prefer other peoples hands... like under a table in public... or in the back of a taxi at night when the driver isn't looking (Here we go with the overstimulated thing again). If there are no hands available, I'm partial to this little egg-ish shaped vibrator from lelo. Do I intend to remain in the industry as a producer or director or will I remain exclusive to performing? Jesus, dude. Eight movies and you're already asking what I'm going to do when I retire? ——- Hey there...Stoya... I married a wonderful girl, but she's really shy in bed...and I need a girl who is more bold and exciting...any ideas on how i can drop the hint and help her get more bold? Wow. There's really no stock answer for this, since each woman is different. Generally, building a healthy dialogue on sex and making your partner feel satisfied and comfortable are going to be good first steps toward a more open sex life. Even something as simple as changing "I need a girl who is more bold and exciting" to "It would be nice if she felt comfortable enough to experiment and express her sexuality with me" would probably get you much better results. There's nothing less sexy than feeling like you aren't exciting, so watch your choice of words when you begin to broach the subject. ***** For more Stoya, check out the Stoya Archive. Image courtesy of Digital Playground

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