Inny Or Outy: Girls With Inverted Nipples

Nov 14, 2008 | Posted by Lux Alptraum

We see many, many different types of boobs in our daily internet travels: big boobs, little boobs, fake boobs, real boobs, boobs with puffy nipples, boobs with pale nipples... but for some reason, we never seem to see very many boobs with inverted nipples. Which is such a shame, because they're just so darn cute! But, because squeezyface asked nicely, we went deep into the internet and rounded up as many lovely ladies with inverted nipples as we could find. After the jump, meet a few of our faves. Their nipples may be shy, but they're happy to show them off.

. . .

Anita Queen (

Kea Kulani (

Afrodite Night (

Emma (

Chikita (

Carel (

Paolina (


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