Inny Or Outy: Girls With Inverted Nipples

We see many, many different types of boobs in our daily internet travels: big boobs, little boobs, fake boobs, real boobs, boobs with puffy nipples, boobs with pale nipples… but for some reason, we never seem to see very many boobs with inverted nipples. Which is such a shame, because they’re just so darn cute! But, because squeezyface asked nicely, we went deep into the internet and rounded up as many lovely ladies with inverted nipples as we could find. After the jump, meet a few of our faves. Their nipples may be shy, but they’re happy to show them off.

. . .

Anita Queen (

Kea Kulani (

Afrodite Night (

Emma (

Chikita (

Carel (

Paolina (


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  • Anonymous

    Lux, you rock!

  • dirtybacon

    Nice coverage… Emma’s seem to be drawing me in to them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to see an model in this list, but this list should have included everyone’s AW sweetheart, Chloe B, and her unique one-in-one-out nipples.

  • Anonymous


  • Some Dumbass

    Yes for inverted nipples, because, when they pop outward, it’s like winning the prize at a carnival game. You win the big stuffed animal, i.e. a very hot, young lady.

  • Brian47

    Boobies!! :)

  • Brian47

    Seriously though, Paolina is simply awesome from head to toe, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, just give me a chance to pluck and suck those nipples out of hiding!

  • Anonymous

    Yay! Thanks for posting this.
    I am not alone!

  • Anonymous

    You forgot one of the best of the inverted nipple women, Jenya I think is her name for METart, but she also goes by Katie Fey

  • Anonymous

    yes, invertied nips are my new favorite thing! but…where’s terry nova??

  • drivenbyboredom

    i had a good one for this…

    Nicole has one of each… Innie and Outtie…


  • drivenbyboredom

    That link does not work due to the () in it… sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Inverted is hot (I once dated a “padiddle” – one inny and one big pencil-eraser sized outie – and only when I suckled on the inny for long enough would she reach an earth-shattering climax – but that’s another story), anyway, yeah, inverted nips are the shiz, but I’m a big fan of PUFFY nipples – those beauties who, when they’re cold or aroused, their whole fucking AREOLA swells up and sticks out – now THAT shit is HOT!!!

  • motorcycle boy

    but there is the whole dark side to inverted nipples…namely, when the weather gets colder or she becomes aroused and they pop, you could lose an eye.

  • PinkPundit

    Hmm, my 3-year-old son has inverted nipples. From his birth, I worried that this might deny him some future pleasures. But 15 or 20 years from now, I’m sure there will be ample opportunity to connect with inverted nipple fetishists! Curiously reassuring.