Sex Blog Roundup: Manpower

November 11, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by alwaysarousedgirl

We girl-types like to be in charge of things, oh yes we do. But letting the dudes do all the heavy lifting also has its place, if by "its place" we mean "only in the bedroom, or in whichever other room Teh Secks happens to be taking place." This week our roundup of the most enticing sex-blog scenes features men taking the lead, making demands and otherwise flexing their proverbial muscles. They flaunt, they preen, they control the action, and we simply love it. All the pleasure for a fraction of the work? What's not to love?

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Firstly, I insist that you present yourself to me in black lingerie. I do enjoy the way you look in black. Black lingerie and nothing else … except for some elegant shoes: black patent leather, with very high heels. You'll stand facing away from me, the palms of your hands flat against a tabletop or some other suitably solid surface … one that's at waist height, so you'll be leaning forward, your arse tilted towards me alluringly.

At that point, I'll cross the room to stand behind you. I won't touch you. Not yet. I'll be close, though. Very close. Close enough for you to hear every minuscule movement I make; close enough to smell the warm scent of my aftershave, to feel the heat of my eager body.

--Easily Aroused


Off to a good start

"I think that's the first thing I'm going to do when you get here. Get your pants down and stuff your cock in my mouth."

My baby kept her promise, and there she was, on her knees, freeing my cock – which had been for days anticipating this moment – and hungrily wrapping her lips around it as her eyes looked up at me to watch the expression of ecstasy she'd so hungered for. I braced my hand against the wall behind her to keep myself from falling, and she, naturally encouraged by my moans, moved her mouth faster and took me deeper. And she let out her own soft sound, a little breathy moan, muffled by my dick deep in her throat, reminding me that this blow job was not just my pleasure, but hers too.

--Jazz and Sex and Soup


Hospitality. The finish.

I took Simon to the bedroom and had him lie down on his back, his arms were stretched to the top corners and secured, his legs toward the bottom corners and secured. He looked delicious streched out, body taunt, cock standing stiff and long. "Vera, come in here please." She sauntered in wearing only her towel and smiled. "Ava, that's not very nice…I thought you were going to give him some relief." "Oh, we will, he will just have to play by the rules."

Vera began to slowly lick his cock as I explained the rules to him. He was to stay hard. That was it. If he came he would be required to clean up. If he softened, he would be punished.

--Bedroom Closet


Catalinia Loves to Choose

Before i know it, he's standing before me again. "Choose." he orders.

I know exactly what's next. My left hand reaches toward the flogger.

"Lovely choice pet." he praises.

This time i curl a little fabric from the duvet into each hand. I know it won't be too painful, but it's best to hold on.

He's beside me now and i feel the tips of the flogger fanning out over my back, swishing slowly from side to side as he's deciding where to let them fall for the first time tonight.

--Catalina Loves


By My Rules

His breath was slow and steady as her fingers crept up his pecs, scratching at his chest. Her lace covered breasts skimmed his thighs. The tips of her fingers toyed with his nipples, rolling them. She dipped her head between his legs. The smell of male arousal filled her senses. Her fingers flexed just before the pinch on his nipples and the tip of her tongue slowly trailed the length of his thick massive cock.

He waited.

As she reached the tip of his erection she knew there was succulent precome waiting. Tempting, but she skirted the obvious for a tease and slipped her tongue around the ridge of his gorgeous crown. She had to admire the cock she was about to feast upon even if for a brief time.

--The Sensualist's Soul Desire



She took her time, her fingers winding their way lower. She pressed close, thighs half-straddling my leg. She could feel the tension in the lines of my body as I fought to be still, her fingers waking nerve endings, the intimate press of her skin making me hard and hungry. It was a slow hunger, but with each touch, it was becoming too strong to ignore.

She slid on top of me, hair falling across her face, obscuring the details, but I could feel her, straddling my waist, her heat pressed against the top of my pelvis.

--Blood, Sex, Crimson


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