Sex Blog Roundup: Three Is Never A Crowd

September 23, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

If sex with one partner is good, then sex with two partners has to be totally awesome, right? After all, it's just simple math. Today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene checks out couples who have brought in an extra warm body to enhance their fun. Why spank alone when you can spank in front of an audience, or give a solo blowjob when you can share that tasty treat with someone else? And what's better than watching two close friends share some hot-n-dirty cunnilingus? Absolutely nothing we say! (But if you're a little shy about dropping trou in front of your pals, we'll toss in a little one-on-one action to keep you happy too.)

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Fiction: Volleyball Island Madd-ness Part Fourteen
Victoria couldn't believe how good she was feeling, and it wasn't even her pussy being eaten. She was pushing the back of Lewis's head, keeping his face pinned to Laura's sex. It wasn't like Lewis needed her to do that, he was more than happy to eat Laura out. Victoria just liked doing it.

She was also amazed by how turned on she was by watching her partner. Laura was stretched out on the massage table with her legs thrown wide. Victoria watched as her partner massaged and fondled her own heavy breasts. The rest of Laura's body was in constant motion, humping, bucking and fucking Lewis's eager mouth. Victoria didn't feel jealous at all. In fact, she felt a symbiotic connection with Laura, as if by having her partner get oral sex, Victoria was enjoying it too.
- Erotiterrorist

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Three's Company
Before I have a chance to fully recover, Doc and Ranger start moving inside me, timing their thrusts carefully so that both are completely sheathed inside me at the same time. I brace myself on the bed so that Ranger's hands might roam freely, and he doesn't disappoint me, pulling my hair and reaching around to roughly pinch my nipples. Their pace quickens, and before long I am crying out as I approach another climax. Shock waves race through my whole body, and my pussy and ass convulse spasmodically around the cocks buried deep inside me. Ranger grunts
- Sweltering Celt

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Slow Night; Good Orgasm
He had me pull my pants half down, so I was naked from waist to knees, as I lay face down on the bed. He started spanking me with his hand. He slapped quite hard but I was into it last night. It hurt but I was enjoying the pain. He slapped my ass for quite a while, I'm sure it got all red. I could hear a small gathering of an audience behind me. It sounded like the audience was into watching me get hit, and this only fueled his spanking harder. I was surprised at how long and hard he hit me, but I enjoyed being the submissive and trying to take all I could. He got out the leather slapper and slapped my ass some with that, turning it over to the whip end a couple of times. The spanking went on for a while, with me crying out when the pain got to be too much. It seemed like he went on forever. Just when I thought maybe he'd stop, just when he complained I was making his shoulder hurt, he would keep on going. My ass stung. The audience sounded like they were really enjoying watching a slut get spanked hard.
- Diary of a Kinky Librarian

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Her glorious cunt
My cheek is resting on Metis' ankle, and my gaze is focused on her cunt. Her glorious cunt. It's glistening and fleshy, petals opened, with the dark tendrils of her pubic hair curling around it. I can smell her aroma, and when I lick my lips I can taste her saltiness.

Hermes can taste her saltiness too. His tongue is flicking across her clitoris, back and forth, back and forth. His eyes are open and focused, his chin pressing down into the cleft. I can see the delight on his face as he pulls back briefly for air, before returning his tongue to it's delicious play.
- The Best Sex Bloggers

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Double Your Pleasure
I move to position myself to sit on one of your thighs, close enough to feel your bulging erection on my inner thigh, prodding at me, urging me on. I feel instantly warmer. Arousal flows freely within me. My breasts skim your chest while I first tease your cock head with my finger then slide my palm over you while stroking down the length, swirling around for a slight squeeze as my hand glides back to the tip. Chloe slips in behind you with her legs spread, her breasts pressed against your back, her tongue and lips nipping at your neck and shoulders.
- The Sensualist's Soul Desire

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He extends a finger and rubs my clit in gentle, up-down strokes. The touch is barely there, and i moan softly as i push against him. He moves with me, always teasing. Slowly, he sweeps his finger in a slow, luxurious movement, up my slit and down again, never lingering.

Then he leaves me there. I turn back and beg. He smiles and kisses me.

"No. You make me cum."

I jump up, grab his hand, pull him into the little room under the stairs. I shut the door silently behind us, cutting off most of the light. In the darkness, i can barely see where i'm going; not that i need to. I drop to my knees in the cramped space and free his dick.

- Pretty Perversions

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