Fountains Of Pleasure: A Tribute To Girls Who Squirt

In some circles, female ejaculation is viewed as the Loch Ness monster of sex acts: questionable in origin, rarely seen, and possibly faked. We, however, have never held that view — but then again, we’ve actually had personal experience with the phenomenon (and yes, it was fabulous). Given the wondrous nature of the girl squirt, we’re somewhat surprised that it doesn’t appear more often in porn. So at the request of reader AnnieGetYourFun, we’ve happily rounded up some of our favorite squirting stars to help address that situation. Even if you still think it’s all a hoax … well, at least it’s a hot hoax, right?

. . .


Charley Chase

Sophie and Jada Fire

Cheryl Dynasty

Luscious Lopez

Jandi Lynn

Angela Stone


Lyla Lei

Squirting Carly


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  • evan_phi

    cytheria will always be the queen.

  • Anonymous

    Cytherea fan since squirt one! ;P

  • Ecks

    I have always thought of it as a hoax – just due to the eruption of videos/sites focusing on it, and the sheer number of girls suddenly doing it, for something that is always said to be “rare”. Reverse bukkake, where do they round up THAT many girls that can do it at once? I don’t know how to figure out which is real and which is fake, so the whole thing has no eroticism to me at all.

  • dirtybacon

    I mentioned this in the previous requests page, but was a couple days late, so I’ll throw up another request for girls in pigtails.

    and then I will shut up about it. no really, I will.

    (unlike the “girls of fleshbot” pictorial that I won’t shut up about)

  • Anonymous

    I know the act is certainly real, but I’m not too sure about most pornstars who purport to do it onscreen, usually. But I believe Lucious Lopez and Cytherea here.

  • Snowbunny

    I like squirting not because the act is really that appealing to me, but because it means they are actually having real orgasms and THAT is hot.

  • AnnetteSchwarz

    Fountains Of Pleasure: A Tribute To Girls Who Pee…..

  • Anonymous

    Previous preconceptions (I used to think it was pee) keep me from getting turned on when I see a girl who squirts. It’s amusing, but ultimately I’m a man of simple pleasures.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one out here who is dissapointed at Cytheria never donning a Queen Amidala get up during one of her infamous squirt sessions?

    It always seemed pretty obvious to me. She’s almost a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.

    The inventiveness and imagination of the porn industry has seemingly let me down.

  • Anonymous

    maybe I’m just a nerd

  • Channing

    I’ve been with girls that won’t squirt because they think it’s something else; I can feel them about to do it but then they push me away and run away to the bathroom.
    I think we need to have some real sex-ed in school.

  • BigT42

    How could you not include Lily Thai on this list?!

  • minette

    I wanna squirt…

  • AnnieGetYourFun

    You know what’s horrible? I only just NOW noticed that you did this for me. Bless your hearts.