Sex Blog Roundup: The Kinks

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You know who we're talking about--the ones who live in that nice house on your block. You even nearly hit one with your shopping cart last week at the supermarket! They're everywhere, you know. They're The Kinky People. And since some suggest that people who are into bondage are happier in general than your average non-kinkster, everyone is scrambling to see what all the fuss is about. No worries, though, if you don't happen to have any restraints or ball gags of your own at the ready--because the interweb was practically invented for people like the bloggers in today's roundup to share all the dirty details of their bondage (and spanking and flogging and biting) escapades with you. So don't let the opportunity pass you by.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Madeline Glass

- - -

Behind the Bruises
I want him to fuck me. It's in the air. The smell of my cunt. The smell of my wanting him.

He puts the flogger down and puts his arms around my neck, pushing me down on the carpet, sliding his extremely hard cock into my pussy. My pussy is stinging from the flogger. The pain spreads as my labia spreads around the shaft of his meat. Pleasure and pain is what is all about.
- Filth Overdrive

- - -

the quiet country
"there's no one close enough to hear you scream," he said. "that's never been the case before, has it? and you're still due some serious punishment. you should get ready, because i think i'm going to be spanking you all weekend."
- persephone's obedience

- - -

Tongue-Tied Spanking
He's trying new things. Like the fact that I'm not allowed to speak during the spanking. And if I do, I'm flipped over for something a bit harsher. Every once and a while, he would stop and give me the chance to utter two, maybe four words. Of course my mind fights to maintain some semblance of organized thought, and I pause to think of something witty to say in four words. And I can't. I can't think of a damn thing to say.
- Radha Sutra

- - -

Your hand tightens in my hair, pulls, as if to guide me in your pleasure. Harder, I suck, collapsing my cheeks, and I begin to slide my head back, up your shaft while still sucking, as though I couldn't bear the thought of a single inch of your cock leaving my mouth.
- solipsubmissive

- - -

Sweat dripped onto my face. I lifted my tongue towards his neck. Licking, sucking, nipping at him. He had me completely at his mercy. That primal, necessary part of me wanted out. My mouth moved to his collarbone, to that deep smooth muscle of his shoulder. Lips curled back. Legs jerked, testing his strength and viciousness.

Teeth sank into him and released just as quickly. It felt so good I moaned and drove my cunt deeper onto his cock. He growled and thrust harder into me. My wrists shook in an effort to free themselves. His muscles bulged and quivered and tightened down. Teeth again, scraping and pulling. Grip around my wrists quickening in response.
Journey Into Submission

- - -

He told me to cum for Him, i could feel it there, on the edges…but i couldn't cum at first… "what are you?" He asked between strikes…i pulled one of the words, one of the names He calls me and went with the one He uses most often. "i am your whore." i managed to say just as i finally came for Him.
-craving his touch

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