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Pale And Perfect: When Nipples Are Barely There

Aug 29, 2008 | Posted by Lux Alptraum

Nipples: puffy or petite, dark or pale, big or small... we like them all. Come on, they're nipples— what's not to love? It's even a fun word to say! Today, however, we are heeding PCBHo's request and celebrating a very specific type of nipple: those pale and perfect, barely there nipples that reward every effort to find them. Lean in nice and close to your monitor and check them out after the jump. (But not too close; you don't want to get drool all over your screen. And yes, we know this is as much about areolas as it is about nipples—but like we said, "nipple" is such a fun word to say!)

. . .

Tamara Witmer

Carli Banks


Baby Sinead

Sandy Summers


Jelena Jensen

Heidi Rae




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