Sex Blog Roundup: Gold Medal Sex

August 19, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

Sex Blog Roundup: Gold Medal SexAs inspiring as certain things in Beijing have been over the last week and a half, not many of us can ever hope to win a gold medal (much less eight of them) unless by some chance the IOC decides to start presenting medals for sex. Then we'd at least have a shot for solo performance gold! But the writers in today's roundup of some award-winning moments from the sex blog scene sure know how to impress the judges. Watch as they perform acrobatic tricks of public couch sex! Join the crowd cheering on the Canadian Futa players! And head down to the surf for a steamy round of beach blanket bingo. Go for the gold with AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Diary of a Futa (part4)

After a few moments Laura had popped my cock out of her mouth, stroking my shaft tightly with her fist she asked" are you read to cum?" "Yes," I gasped weakly, barely able to concentrate on her question. She grinned and dove onto my cock once again. Catching me by surprise, Laura reached into my panties and deftly rammed her fingers into my dripping wet and over-excited pussy. That, combined with the feeling of her hot, wet mouth sucking my cock, put me right over the edge - I think I screamed out loud as I came, hard.

- The S Spot - - - Sex Club Visit, Pt. 1

After I'd sucked him for a while I laid back and slipped out of my panties. I pulled my already short dress up to my waist and he licked me while I played with my nipples. While that was happening another couple came in and started fucking on the couch next to us. We both watched them as another couple joined in the play. I never did figure out if they all knew each other.

- Arousal of the Minx - - - Chase Me, Fuck Me.

I did as I was told, climbing up onto my hands and knees and presenting my ass to her. She slapped my ass hard with an open hand, and then bent down and slid her tongue slowly up the crack of my ass, stopping at the little starfish, teasing it with little probing thrusts. When she was finished, she moved up and positioned her cock at the entrance to my back passage and began pushing in.

- The 'Real' Princess Diaries - - - Untitled

After a few minutes and no real build-up of an orgasm, I had to take a break. My hand was cramping. He laughed at me and sympathized with me and kept stroking his cock. I couldn't resist masturbating more, though, because I love to watch him and it makes me squishy in places it's pleasant to be squishy. I did achieve an orgasm, finally: toe curling, toe straightening, teeth gnashing, head tossing, glorious orgasm. I was lost for a moment or three, and when I came to, N. was spreading my legs and preparing to fuck me.

- A Former Virgin - - - Time to ourselves finally

I pulled her collar, grabbed her throat and applied pressure while fucking her telling her to cum while cutting off her breath. Ahh it was glorious. after so long of going back and forth to other folks houses and what not to finally get some time together to be intimate.

- Master Coyote's Den - - - Beach Baby

We rolled over so I was sitting on top of him. Slowly I rode up and down on his cock, hearing him groan. Alex slide his finger over my clit, tasting my wetness. I moved up and down, feeling his head do things to my insides.

- Eyes Wide Shut

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