Sex Blog Roundup: Super Soaked

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August. Even the name sounds oppressive to us. And when the temperatures heat up, it's important to stay hydrated. While some of us try beat the heat by spending time next to bodies of water, the writers in today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene are spending theirs next to ... well, other wet bodies. There's something fantastical about fucking when it's so hot: the tastes and smells; the way wet skin begs to be licked. Sloppy blowjobs and shiny pussylips abound. There's a reason they call them the dog days of summer, you know: these stories are so hot they'll leave you panting.

Getting thirsty? We thought so. But not to worry; always the gracious hostess, Madeline remembered to bring some extra Gatorade along after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Madeline Glass

- - -

I worship your cock
I adore your cock and as much as I want you to fuck me I need you in my mouth. I wrap my hand around your shaft and lick the tip of your cock, running my tongue around the ridges. Cupping your balls in my other hand. After a minute I remove my hands and take as much of you into my mouth as possible. Feeling you pushing against the back of my throat, me relaxing into it. This is just a prelude to sex I tell myself. I don't want to make you come; I want to suck your cock for hours.
- Executive Erotica (

. . .

Popping My Cherry
Thankfully she took control, undoing my jeans and pulling out my cock, kissing me softly as she rubbed my dick, then taking me in her mouth, sucking me all the way into her throat, letting me reach into her hair and push her head up and down. It was so fucking horny I was getting light headed.
- Fantasy Nuggets (

- - -

Getting to Fuck the Neighbor 18
I was nearly delirious, as he continued pumping my cock. I was no longer in control of my body, as I felt myself convulsing and shuddering uncontrollably. He had one of his hands spread across my chest, holding me against his body, as he continued his dialog in my ear. The other hand was stroking me faster than I've ever been stroked. I could no longer discern the up and down motion on my cock, instead just feeling a perpetual wave of arousal.
My body started to tremble, and I lost myself. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Don't stop. Please don't stop," I begged.
- Diary of a Gay Dad (

- - -

Sex and Nachos
The wand comes on. In a few minutes, while he watches and thrusts and sighs, I start screaming low in my throat, because my clit feels like it is under attack from an invading army and has chosen to run in six different directions. I grab the sheet and twist with my free hand, and come in waves that, amazingly, don't stop. Between our legs things get wetter, and warmer.

The final spasms push his penis backward, and as I lay and quiver-twitch he runs a finger up my side. "Can I go back in?" he says. That same voice from before, a boy begging for sweets.
- A Place to Draw Blood Laughing

- - -

Passionate Hotel Sex with My Barista
She rolls over, ass pointing straight up. I work my fingers in and begin the process of getting her use to my girth. My young Barista begins to play with her pussy, helping the relaxation. As I watch her play with herself, I notice how wet and glistened her fingers are becoming...shes about ready to cum again!
- Confessions of an Adulterer

- - -

Tied - Part 1
You allow your hands to touch her then. A light touch, feeling her ass. Running your fingertips over her curves, down her thighs to her knees and back up the inside. Pressing gently, you push her legs wider. Her cunt glistens. The crop alone has aroused her. Your fingers smooth her pussy lips and you dip a finger inside her. So wet for you. She gasps softly, her muscles tightening around you briefly before you pull your finger back out.
- Dirty Little Mind

- - -

Eating my own
He rose and shoved me onto my back and slid his cock into me, deep, easily. I gasped and my body clenched around his cock, shuddering a release. He grinned at me, then withdrew quickly and slid up on his knees so his cock was in my face. I didn't hesitate at all, sucking him into my mouth, tasting our combined fluids. I moved further down his shaft with my tongue until my mouth found the thicker juice on the base and down on his balls...
- My Husband's Slut

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