August Appreciation Month: Hot And Sweaty, Just The Way We (Sorta) Like It

We are heading into the home stretch of the dog days of summer, and have just about had our fill of 90 degree days and 110% humidity. Seriously: having a valid excuse to wander around our apartment naked all day is great and everything, but we also haven't been off our leather couch in three weeks and we're pretty sure our bare skin has permanently bonded with it. So how can we distract ourselves until fall rolls around? Well, we can always learn a new language or get that checkup we've been putting off. Or maybe we'll just go into a hypnotic trance for the next 31 days. As you'll see after the jump, August is good for doing all those things--and of course, it's also good for looking at porn too. Why waste the season waiting for Labor Day to roll around anyway?

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National Immunization Awareness Month · Medical Curiosities: "Dr. Probe's Lab Of Perversion" · Sasha Grey's Health Tips

Learn Japanese Month · How To Talk Like A Dirty Geisha · Fleshbot Archives for Japan, Japanese + Tentacles

National Inventor's Month · The Chin Dong

Black Business Month · Man and his secretary in the office ( · NicheFlixxx Helps Everyone Get Their Freak On · Vanessa Blue, Ask For Her By Name · "Why Interracial Porn is Stupid" (And Why We Agree)

World Breastfeeding Week (August 1st-7th)

· "feeding her man" (Megarotic)

Elvis Week (August 11th-19th)

· "Burnin' Love" (, via) · "Of Time And Passion" (

National Resurrect Romance Week (August 12th-18th)

· "can't count how many guys" (PornHub)

National Aviation Week (August 13th-19th)

· Joining The Mile High Club (While Still On The Ground)

Sister's Day (August 1) · Danielle & Tamara Kondratiuk and more Sisters

Hypnosis Day (August 2) · (You Will Be Turned On By) Trance Providers: Erotic Hypnosis Videos

Coast Guard Day (August 3)

· "Two Blondes on a Boat"

National Gymnastics Day (August 5)

· Gymnast Sex (Megarotic) · Flesh Flicks Classic Edition: Naked Romanian Gymnasts Forever!

National Friendship Day (August 6) · Slumber Party! (video @ PornHub)

National Mustard Day (August 7) · Hot Dog Girl (

Sandcastle Day (August 17) (via)

Hawaiian Statehood Day (August 21) · Hawaii Porn Blog ( · Nautica Thorn (1/4 Hawaiian) · Mika Tan (Born in Honolulu)

Kiss and Make Up Day (August 25) · The Single Best Thing To Happen At The AVN Expo This Year (Maybe Ever): Three Minutes And Nine Seconds Of Hot Girls Kissing Each Other · Postcards From Las Vegas: Abby Winters Lesbian Makeout Session

Women's Suffrage Day (August 26)

· "tied and forced to orgasm" (RedTube)

Crackers Over The Keyboard Day (August 28) ((Ed note: Huh?))

· "fucked on desk" (Megarotic)

According to Hoyle Day (August 29) · Erotic Playing Cards

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