She's On Top: Top Ten Women In Charge Sex Videos

Jul 29, 2008 | Posted by Lux Alptraum

Though some people prefer women who like to lie back and take it, we've always preferred girls who know exactly what they want—and who aren't afraid to take it too. From femdoms to bondage queens to gals who just know how to make things happen, today's video roundup celebrates everyone out there who knows that a woman's proper place is firmly in the driver's seat. Or anywhere else she's in control.

. . .

Blonde Babe loves her Boyfriend in Bondage (

This Girl is Out of Control (

Chubby Takes Control and Fucks the Life Out of Him (

Nasty oilwrestling Venus (

Hot Ponytail Fuck (Full) (

Women In Control Scene 5 Jill Kelly (

Tied-up Handjob (

girl on top penetration (

Horny Milf BJ (

She's a Take Charge Lady (

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