Sex Blog Roundup: Ever Ready

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Keep your wits about you, as this week's roundup of the best sex writing on the web puts the jump on those who stay on their toes. It's just a stroll with a platonic friend—until she pulls you close. A john seems to have a simple fetish—until the ropes come out. Flirting with a new girl at the swing club is fun—until she panics. Answering a call is routine—until you're masturbating in your truck. Even the most poised stripper may be surprised when a client turns out to be a pretty big cheese.

Turn on a dime with Jefferson after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by Jefferson

- - -

At The Front Lines of the Patriarchy: Conversations With God in the Titty Bar

God gestures at the woman on stage. "What is this shit? I'm fucking bored. Fucking shit, this is fucking boring. I have more money than fucking God, and this bitch is fucking boring me with this shit."

Poor God. Soon he fixates on the boy next to him again. He's so handsome and cute, with big muscles. God's definitely got some bisexual tendencies. He's telling the boy that he's got more money than God and buying us all drinks, drinks, and more drinks. Shots, beer, ladies champagne cocktails. I suck my cranberry and sprite down fast so the waitress can sell another one, another one, another one. I'll be peeing all night, but it's my patriotic duty to the titty bar to sell as many overpriced ladies drinks as possible.

- Hobo Stripper

- - -

A Foot Tickler

Earl had to reposition me to a bedpost and tie me up so that my feet and legs were up in the air. He doubled up on all of the ropes to be sure I wouldn't break free. Then the tickling began and my violent reactions recommenced. For a second time, I ripped at the ropes until they failed, allowing me room to slouch upwards and grab Earl so that he would stop the incessant tickling. The whole time this was happening I had a huge hard-on. Every once and awhile Earl would run his hand over my dick—just slightly—and then return to tickling my feet—which spasmed even after he stopped tickling me.

- College Hookerboy's Hot and Disturbing Weblog

- - -

The Ride

I worked at the button of my pants with one hand, and kept the other steady on the wheel. I heard him breathing on the other end as my hand slid in my pants, and beneath my panties, and I gasped.

"Holy shit. I'm soaked."

"Ahh, good girl," he breathed through a groan. His groans were so hot.

It didn't take long before I felt my pussy starting to pulse. I did every single thing he told me to do. Behind the wheel of my truck, I was my own slave, responding only to his words as they dripped with far away desire.

- Red Rose Confessions

- - -

Kung Fu Theater

Stroking her face again I took her mouth, her tongue. Mmm I wonder what this tongue would feel like on my body. I grabbed her round soft ass in my hands and squeezed her tightly against me. Her leg raised, I grabbed it and held it aloft as I sucked her mouth and felt her ass. My dick prodded against my jeans pleading to feel her. All of her.

There were noises in the street.

Out in public.

I broke free.

Old Asian Man doing Tai Chi, glancing at Pree and I against the tree.

The Dirty Details

- - -

Lunch Meetings

His blonde eyes rivaled my own in intensity and his dimples curved like commas around his bright, white smile. This boy was too pretty for me.

So how did I find myself sitting across the booth of a local brew pub, sipping my water with lemon while he finished a raspberry wheat? Potential.

Our meeting was unconventional but my desire to mar that pretty blonde hair with my wet, pussy-slick fingers was purely animal.

- Forever Mistress

- - -

Club Tantra: My Experience, Unabridged Three

Charlie and I were on the same wavelength; we knew, without a word, that we had to initiate slowly with them. Mr. Hunky was far more amenable, but it was up to her. It was up to her and me. It's always up to the women in group-sex situations. She opened her eyes and looked over at us a few times. So virginal in her curiosity! So unspoiled by the scene! She needed nurturing from a soft woman's lips, the lips of someone who accepted her trepidation and allowed her to hold the reins in her silent, submissive way.

"May I kiss you?" I asked, kneeling next to her at a respectable distance.

- Lust Life

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