Sex Blog Roundup: In Control

July 16, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by dashiell

Sex Blog Roundup: In ControlThere's good control and bad control. Mind control: bad. Control-top pantyhose: bad. Cruise control: good. Birth control: very good. And the kind of control exerted by the bloggers in this week's round up of some of the hottest moments in the sex-blog scene? Excellent. Whether it's the kind of control that lets one keep a game face while being watched or the kind that grabs onto a throat during sex (gently now!), we're big fans. And if one version of control means that change dropped into a toll booth has the side effect of cock and ball torture? We're game for that too.

Lose control with AlwaysArousedGirl right after the cut.

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Sex Blog Roundup

by AlwaysArousedGirl

- - -


He forced his hips between my knees, his right hand locked around the carabiner. He shoved his fist against my cunt, straightened his arm from the shoulder, and forced my hands flat against my thighs.

"Rub your pussy on that," he ordered. The back of his fist was jammed against my cunt and my hands were immobilized by the strength of his grasp. He braced his fist against the edge of the couch as I lost myself to his touch. I opened my eyes to survey what he was doing and instinctively started grinding my cunt against his hand.

- Journey Into Submission

- - -

Leather Retreat 2008 – The Toll Booth

At first people were confused. They thought it was a private scene or that they would have to pay something. As soon as they realized this was a public scene open to anyone going through and that I was providing them with the toll to "pay,' people complied. The stones were tossed into the bucket. Clank! Clank! Some were shy. Some were very eager. Some made a lot of trips so they could do it again and again. Some returned and brought friends. Some people stayed around and watched. This created a traffic jam on the road. There was lots of rubbernecking.

- Lolita Wolf's Predictions & Predilections

- - -

What he needs

She takes her cock in her hand, runs the head of it from the base of his spine between his cheeks until she is pressed against that same tight opening and then she pushes, savoring that moment of entry, his gasp at the instant of penetration followed by the long smooth slide into his body, gravity pulling her down into him. She sinks in to the hilt, her hips pressed against his ass, and rests there a moment enjoying the sight of him, pinned by her cock to her bed.

- Molly's Mirror

- - -

Another amazing foursome

We fucked in numerous positions, A. moving me as he saw fit and me loving every moment of his dominance. A. fucked me hard against the bed, doggy style; on the bottom; I rode him on top; and I fucked him reverse cowgirl as we dripped with sweat. He smacked my ass, held me by the throat (only one of two men I allow to do this, because he is respectful and careful), and left me a smiling and very well-satisfied submissive.

- His Little Slut

- - -

Ringside Seats

I straddle him then. Sit in his lap so that I am facing him. His stiff cock fills my cunt and forces the groan out of my throat. My head falls back and my eyes fall closed. And I ride him. I move my feet up onto the seat for leverage and he uses the space to grab my ass in both of his hands. Even when I am on top he still controls me. Gripping my ass and my thighs he moves me forward and back on him, up and down.

- Pocket Secrets

- - -

Wrapped Tightly In Your Arms

I can feel myself losing control. Not being able to think of my actions. I am now driven by all of these feelings and emotions that are swirling around inside of me as we fuck.

How I touch you and how I move is not controlled by my thoughts at this moment. It is all now controlled by what you do to me. How you make me feel.

There are moments I am frightened of how you do this.

- Debauched Domestic Diva

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