Sex Blog Roundup: Three Is The Magic Number

July 9, 2008 | Posted in Pornstars by jonnobot

When something in your life needs fixing, sometimes having a spare handy can be just the thing. In today's roundup of some of our favorite moments from the sex blog scene, we peek in on pairs who have opened their bedrooms to friends, neighbors and random passers-by. You know how it is: four hands simply aren't enough for all the clit-rubbing, nipple-pinching, cock-sucking action you can handle ... and that doesn't even take into account what's necessary for support. Really, it's surprising that anyone even has plain old one-on-one sex anymore!

Let's give an extra helping hand to AlwaysArousedGirl after the jump.

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Sex Blog Roundup
by AlwaysArousedGirl

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Undressed and still horny as hell, we climb into bed and I immediately mount Mr S., taking him greedily up to the hilt. We begin our lovemaking passionately, me nibbling his lip, to let him know the mood I'm in. Him responding by grabbing a handful of my hair and tugging my head back, just enough to tip me over the edge.

Once my breathing has calmed a little, he pulls me close into him, using my hair as a rudder, then whispers seductively, "Do you want two cocks?"

- Sexy Swinging

- - -

Repost: Meeting on the 2nd Floor

He took his time alternately licking her clit and running his tongue up and down her lips, but he got the point when she grabbed his hair and pulled him back up to get Clit. Maintaining contact with the Clit, he worked his tongue in circles while reaching up under her dress and pulling down the cups of her bra he stroked her breasts and nipples, as she got more worked up, she started to move her legs until her feet were flat and then she started to move her pelvis up and down.

- Gently Gently

- - -

Your Slut

His hands around my waist, mine around his neck, I begin to ride him, grinding my hips, rocking hard on his shaft. I feel him reach around and tug a bit at the toy, the push it back, then tug again. "Ride me, you fucking slut," he grunts into my ear.

"I'm your fucking slut, Daddy," I gasp, knowing it is what he wants to hear…I love saying it. He growls, Lifting me by the hips and pushing me onto the bed on my back. He pulls the toy out of my ass with on quick yank, making me cry out, but before I can say anything, he replaces it with his cock. I moan as he holds my thighs, fucking my slut ass fast and hard.

- Between My Sheets

- - -

Games Grown Ups Play

He stands me sideways in front of the mirror, traces the ruler along my bottom.

"This doesn't meet the dress code does it, missy?"

"No, Sir." I answer.

SMACK goes the ruler against my bottom still protected by my skirt.

"I can almost see your bottom. Do you let other boys see your bottom?"

"No Sir."

SLAP, "You're lying to me, young lady," he accuses.

- Memoirs of a MILF

- - -

The weekend continues. Part 3

Our mouths meet again and I melt into her. Slowly my hands find her waist and begins to pull up at the hem of her shirt. She again unties the top of my dress. I stand as I pull her shirt off, revealing those perfectly round breasts with rock hard nipples. She stands as well, slowly pulling the dress over my head as I carefully pull down her skirt. Our shoes are kicked off as we discard the dresses and skirts. She stands in front of me with nothing but a tiny thong on. Simple, silk, white, and showing the dampness that it is trying to hide.

- Bedroom Closet

- - -

Love Makes The World Go Round (But Cider Makes It Go Round Faster) - Part 2

She was already face-down on the bed, head pushed down into the duvet, legs drawn up but spread wide. Cunt gaping, lips glistening. She hadn't said a word, all that needed to be said was expressed there right in front of me: "Fuck me now. Don't bother fiddling my clit or kissing my tits, just get your cock inside me and fuck me hard".

So I fucked her. Hard. I stretched out full-length on top of her and grabbed her shoulders. My cock found it's own way into her deep, slick, welcoming hole.

- Northern lights and sleepless nights

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